The domestic epilepsy application, a first in the world: inEpilepsy

The domestic epilepsy application a first in the world inEpilepsy

Today we would like to talk about an application developed for users struggling with epilepsy. inEpilepsy The application named after him aims to increase the life comfort of epilepsy patients.

Thanks to the application, it is possible to visually and audibly warn the patient and their relatives up to 180 seconds before the seizure occurs. Relatives of patients can also be included in the seizure monitoring processes in the application developed as a result of the cooperation of Turkish academics and Turkish scientists. InEpilepsy, the first epilepsy application in the world with Seizure Detection and Tracking Software, instantly sends a message to your relatives with a visual map of your location during the seizure. The application helps epilepsy patients overcome seizures that negatively affect their comfort of life, with minimal risk.

Application Member of Dicle University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Neurology. prof. Dr. Ashraf Mind; “Epilepsy, which is one of the diseases that cause the most victimization in the world, can be experienced in every period from birth to death. In the inEpilepsy application, which was developed entirely with Turkish software, the data is processed with artificial intelligence, the seizures of epilepsy patients are separated and an early warning alarm is generated up to 180 seconds before the crisis occurs. In this way, the patient is provided with a safe position in the place where they are and supports them to spend their seizures in safe areas.


With the application, the data is instantly shared with the patients’ own doctors with the expert opinion and expert follow-up feature, if desired. In this way, doctors have the opportunity to get to know their patients more closely, as they have more information about the process. inEpilepsy also provides reminders by recording the time of use and doses of drugs. In this way, epilepsy patients can continue their treatment without interruption. iOS version of the app hereAndroid version here access by clicking.

Description from the developer about the inEpilepsy app

Assoc from Insense Software that brought the application to life. prof. Dr. Omer Faruk Ertugrul said: “65 million people worldwide who have epilepsy who have more than one seizure per month and describe their seizures as severe will be able to benefit from this application. Every second that passes for epileptic attacks is very important. We acted with this awareness. With our application, which warns users 180 seconds before an epileptic seizure occurs, patients will be able to overcome their seizures safely thanks to early warning. We regularly make improvements on our application. We will continue to improve the application and improve the life comfort of epilepsy patients with our new investments in the coming period.”