The detail in Ulf Kristersson’s bathroom prompted the broker to act

The detail in Ulf Kristerssons bathroom prompted the broker to

22 years ago the prime minister bought Ulf Kristersson and his wife, the priest Birgitta Ed the beautiful house in Strängnäs. A typical 1920s villa with a total of 439 square meters.

Then there is also a sauna, gym, wine cellar and a lovely – and really generously sized – garden plot of 1719 square meters.

Ulf’s wife Birgitta Ed was born in Strängnäs, so it’s no wonder that Ulf, Birigitta and the couple’s three daughters lived there for many years. But recently Birgitta announced that they have decided to sell the house.

“The lilacs have never been more beautiful or smelled stronger, the sun has rarely shone so brightly against the red brick walls of the cathedral and the place below the Cathedral Mountain has never felt more at home. Despite that – now Sturegatan 10 – is one of the most beautiful places you can imagine – to sale,” she began her post on Facebook.

The well-known Cathedral in Strängnäs. Image source: Fredrik Sandberg/TT Bild

She went on to talk about all the wonderful memories they have of the place. Dinners around the large table and pleasant mingling in the large garden. But Birgitta also told us that there have been moments in the house that have been more difficult.

“But above all, we have filled it with everyday life and what is our life,” wrote Birgitta.

She said that the family is now looking for something smaller in Strängnäs that will form a base for the whole family.

Ulf and Birgitta’s house is up for sale, and the broker’s advertisement created great interest throughout the country. But a detail from the family’s bathroom has now forced the brokerage firm to act.

Birgitta Ed and Ulf Kristersson. Image source: Christine Olsson / TT /

The house has 10 rooms, of which 5 are bedrooms. On the basement level there is a sauna, spa area and WC. Also on the entrance floor there is a WC, and on the upper floor there is also a bathroom.

IN the ad there were previously pictures showing one of the toilets – but that picture has now been removed. And it is perhaps not so strange considering what was seen in the picture…

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Ulf Kristersson. Image source: Jessica Gow/TT BildUlf Kristersson, Queen Silvia and King Carl XVI Gustaf. Image source: Jessica Gow/TT Bild

Right next to the toilet is a framed, signed photograph depicting the king Carl XVI Gustaf and queen Silvia.

Now can News24 reveal that the specific photograph was distributed in 2014 to the then outgoing Alliance government. At this time, Kristersson was Minister of Social Security in Fredrik Reinfeldt government.

Minister of Finance Elisabeth Svantesson then shared an image of the photograph that she, and several other ministers, received from the King and Queen after the thank-you ceremony at the Royal Palace.

Elisabeth Svantesson was one of the ministers who received a portrait of the king and queen when they held a thank-you ceremony for the outgoing Alliance government in 2014. Image source: Instagram/Elisabethsvantesson

“The royal couple invited the outgoing government to lunch today. We got a beautiful portrait with us from the Palace. Thank you!”, she wrote on Instagram at the time.

And one of the portraits later ended up in Ulf and Birgitta’s toilet in Strängnäs.

So it can go!

On one of the toilets was a framed photograph of King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia.