The desire of some children to know everything about a subject

The desire of some children to know everything about a

Some children seem to take a passion for a specific subject: this passion blossoms very early, without anyone really knowing what gave rise to it. The parents themselves are surprised at the interest shown by their child in a field that was practically unknown to them. Where does this desire to know everything about a subject come from?

This child gives the impression of seeking to be considered THE specialist, sometimes only within the family, sometimes in a wider environment, about a very specific area. It is therefore to him that we will turn if we want information, assured that it will be exact, detailed and even enriched with details that the Internet cannot provide. But where does this intense curiosity and this desire to know everything about a specific subject come from? There would be a surprising relentlessness that slyly provokes a feeling of unease in the face of this desire to possess in one’s mind knowledge of all aspects of a very specific domain. At the same time that we admire this scope allowing us to retain so much data, we worry about the reasons that have aroused this desire for absolute knowledge.. It would perhaps be precisely in this notion of the absolute that it would be possible to find the beginnings of explanations: by privileging a very precise subject, it is possible to know everything about this subject, a rich documentation is accessible for whoever wants really look for it, the information intersects and intersects in a sufficiently reliable way to be able to be considered as sure.

Gifted children are fine researchers

It is the gifted children who excel in this search. When they are passionate about a subject, they are tenacious enough to hunt down the smallest bits of information. They are then able to store them in their memory in a way that is organized enough to retrieve them at any time, enrich them and link them together with the concern for consistency that characterizes them. Like a well-organized file, they know how to find on the spot a date, a proper name, a place or even more specific data such as the names of car models, the most secret aircraft type numbers, reserved for insiders , just like the results of the championship of 6 nations for decades or else the capitals of all the countries of the earth, and their flag, including those which remain a theoretical entity for most people, not to mention, featured out of category , all the prehistoric animals whose learned names can occupy an entire line.

Total knowledge is an illusion

This idea of ​​total knowledge remains in fact an illusion. There will always be details, events that are not well known for different reasons, facts that are forgotten, or concealed so that it is impossible to know EVERYTHING, but we can imagine it and give this impression to those who know nothing about this subject. . This would then be an area that this specialist masters perfectly. He can be considered a reference, and his young age adds to this fame. He has finally found a way to explore where he will not be tormented by the disturbing questions that sometimes assail him, that he does not always dare to ask those around him, most often to avoid frightening him and especially because he is sure not to get the answer he expects and which would appease his torments.

It is relaxing to accumulate documentation on the beginnings of aviation and the frequentation of the prestigious adventurers who participated in it is comforting. The ancient Egyptian civilization is an already more delicate subject: we rub shoulders with too many mysteries and the metaphysical questions are not very far for those who want to go deeper, but there are enough elements to occupy a curious mind, it can even devote his life to it if he wishes. Vocations are born in this way, with the happiness in their unfolding that certain gifts devoted to a given subject provide.

The knowledge to build your own armor

This ease and this culture which arouse the admiration of those around you are reassuring. : they prove that there is the possibility of possessing specific knowledge that leaves no detail in the shadows. One can therefore know EVERYTHING about a given subject, that is to say possess it entirely, without being tormented by a question that would have no answer. In the chosen field, there are answers to all questions, there is no risk of existential questioning leading to an agonizing infinity. We can evolve without fear in a known universe, of which we have explored the smallest aspects, pierced the secrets, flushed out the mysteries thanks to a thorough knowledge of this specific world. Not a single nook would have gone unnoticed, because nothing escapes the passionate quest of a gifted child when he is guided by his desire to know. He has full control of his subject.

A another advantage appears very quickly: this specialization contributes to the construction of his armor, she defines him so well that no one thinks of questioning other more hidden aspects of his personality. This in-depth knowledge demonstrates its ability to integrate all kinds of data and to explore sometimes complex areas as far as possible. His armor is solid, he has proven himself, around him, we do not wonder any further, even if this frenzied desire to know everything may seem surprising. It is a double protection, both against the nameless fears that haunt him and against possible too inquisitive questions that his particular personality arouses.