The currently best Baby Yoda doll is currently 36 euros cheaper on Amazon – it even has a power function

The currently best Baby Yoda doll is currently 36 euros

Just in time for the start of the third season of The Mandalorian and this year’s Star Wars Day on May 4th, 2023 (May the 4th), there is a real treat for Grogu fans on Amazon: you can best Baby Yoda doll on the market buy cheap.

Baby Yoda Doll on Amazon at a bargain price


To the deal

Grogu has already conquered the hearts of fans with the first season of The Mandalorian and has long since achieved cult status. The original licensed Baby Yoda doll from Hasbro currently costs just over 50 euros and is therefore 41 percent cheaper than the recommended retail price (RRP) *. Also, no retailer is currently selling this Grogu version cheaper. Here you can read our overview of all Amazon offers on May th 4th.

Baby Yoda with power function: That’s what Hasbro’s Grogu doll offers

Manufacturer Hasbro is primarily targeting a young target group with this Baby Yoda doll. It’s coming though adult Star Wars fans too fully at their own expense. The doll is made of plastic and is 21 cm tall. Grogu also features a fabric coat and a detachable necklace.

But the highlights are these moving body parts and the sound effects: The battery operated doll can do more than 25 combinations of sounds and movements perform when you touch her head. Grogu makes various noises that signal joy and excitement or tiredness.

Grogu automatically moves its eyes, ears, head and arms when touched. Do you stroke his head three times, he uses the power, raising his arm, closing his eyes and sighing. If you lay Grogu on his back, he falls asleep and stops power nap.

Customers are enthusiastic about the features of the doll in the comments on Amazon: With more than 3,900 ratings, the Grogu from Hasbro reaches average 4.8 stars. Especially the high quality workmanship and the cuteness factor collect bonus points here. But the sound and movement effects are also convincing.

Alternatives to Star Wars Day: More Baby Yoda and other cool merchandise

In keeping with Star Wars Day on May 4, 2023, Amazon two other Baby Yoda dolls for sale:

You can also find it at the online retailer a whole range of additional merchandise all about Star Wars and the galaxy far, far away. Incidentally, the campaign only runs until 11:59 p.m. on May 4th, i.e. during the official Star Wars day.

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