The current episode climbs straight to the winner’s podium of the best episodes according to IMDb

Episode 1100 of the One Piece anime pits two powerful devil fruit users against each other. The episode is so well received by viewers that the episode is rated just as well as the one ranked at number 1 among the best episodes.

What is the episode about? Luffy transforms into his Gear 5 form for the second time in the anime. He turns completely white from the back of his head and gains the ability to turn his surroundings into rubber.

He meets an equal opponent: Rob Lucci also transforms into his awakened devil fruit form and takes on Luffy. The animations are so good that I’ve watched their transformation more than five times.

And other users seem to see it that way too: The fight between the two ensures that the episode is rated even better on IMDb than many other episodes. So the 1100th episode is currently in second place.

The events are currently taking place on Egghead Island. You can see the trailer for the new arc here:

One Piece: New trailer shows first images from the Egghead Island arc

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Community rates the One Piece episode with 9.8 points

Why is the episode so good? With 9,854 votes cast, episode 1100 has a rating of 9.8 stars. Only the 484th episode, in which Luffy has to cope with the tragic death of a beloved character, is rated as well. However, since 23,519 votes were cast here, the episode is in first place.

In the reviews, fans on IMDb write why they think the episode is such a blast:

  • Luffy’s transformation into his Gear 5 form would look even better than in the fight against Kaido.
  • The choreography is perfect, and the music in particular should be particularly emphasized.
  • Some users are from Dr. Vegapunk’s passion for history has been captured.
  • The animations and effects look top notch. Some didn’t even think they would be watching One Piece at that moment.
  • But there are also dissenting voices: Some fans don’t like the cartoon style of Luffy’s Gear 5. It would remind them too much of Tom & Jerry, which wouldn’t do justice to one of the Four Emperors.

    The drawing style divides the One Piece community. Some people love the drawing style, others can’t do anything with it.

    What is certain, however, is that the ranking of the best One Piece episodes on IMDb can change over time. At the beginning of the year the top 5 looked completely different. That’s why it’s possible that the episode will slide down (or maybe even up) in the coming weeks.

    The reason for this is the number of votes cast. 23,519 votes were awarded for first place, the current episode only received 9,854 votes. If it were to slip to 9.7 stars because more users rated the episode poorly, it would end up right behind 10th place.

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