‘The cure for 70 problems’ from Evliya Çelebi! It is prescribed in traditional Chinese medicine! There is no disease that it does not benefit from

The cure for 70 problems from Evliya Celebi It is

Licorice root is a plant from the legume family known for being good for respiratory problems. Both powder and tea of ​​licorice root, which has been used for centuries, are frequently preferred. Prof. Dr. Aysun Bay Karabulut listed the benefits of licorice root, which is known as the cure for 70 diseases.

Stating that licorice root, which is widely used for its medicinal sweetener and traditional uses, offers many health benefits due to the components it contains, Aysun Bay Karabulut, professor of plants, drew attention to some important points.

Licorice, which is widely used for medicinal purposes, is especially preferred to relieve ailments such as cough, cold, sore throat, stomach ailments, asthma and digestive problems.


Stating that this root, which contains components with anti-inflammatory properties, can help relieve inflammatory conditions, Karabulut said, “In Traditional Chinese Medicine, oral licorice solution is prescribed to treat bronchitis, cold, cough and upper respiratory tract infections. In addition, epigastric cramps, It is used to treat problems such as spleen and stomach problems, vomiting, diarrhea and cold hands and feet. Also, cold, fever, headache, dry mouth, cough and sore throat are treated with its powder. Spleen and stomach acid deficiency with granules , loose stools and loss of appetite are treated.


The licorice plant, which is stated by Evliya Çelebi to have 70 types of benefits, was discovered by Sultan III. Prof. also stated that it was listed among the six important medicines in the medical treatise prepared for Mehmed. Dr. Karabulut said, “If you happen to be in Malatya, Diyarbakır, Adıyaman or Şanlıurfa during the sweltering summer heat, for example, around the Ulu Mosque, you will come across vendors dressed in traditional clothes selling ice-cold, refreshing sherbet from copper jugs on their backs. This sherbet is not like the sherbets you know. Besides, it is ice.” “It makes you feel good, and it cures many of your ailments. It removes kidney stones that cause you pain, it relaxes your stomach, and many more…” he said.


Stating that during Ramadan, especially if iftar time is getting closer, queues form in front of sherbet sellers, Karabulut said:

“Do you think it’s those who buy liters of sherbet and rush to their homes, those who break their fast by putting the glass full of sherbet to their mouths as soon as the call to prayer rising from the minaret begins? This delicious sherbet, identified with our cities in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions, is also used to sweeten cola and, for example, in Western Anatolia in the 19th century.” It is a sherbet made from licorice root, from which many products are exported to the world in factories established by Levantine companies. This sherbet, also known as “natural cola” or “biyan honey” among the citizens, is obtained by soaking the licorice root in water for a while and is consumed with pleasure. .”

licorice sherbet


Licorice root, which is known to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, antiviral, antiulcer, anticancer, antiallergenic and antimicrobial properties and whose extracts, especially glycyrrhizin, can be taken orally, through the skin and intravenously in gel and oil form, has historically been used to treat liver disorders, stomach and intestinal disorders, and oral diseases. It is known to be used to treat various skin conditions. It cleans the inflammatory cells in the body, gives shine to the hair and skin, which it helps to grow with its moisturizing properties, and contributes to the removal of stains and dead cells on the skin. The effectiveness of licorice, which can meet the low-calorie sugar needs of diabetic patients and lower blood sugar, increases when mixed with soda. The plant, which heals mouth sores, cleans the stomach and intestinal system and also fights against kidney damage.

Cure for 70 ills: Licorice root


Tea made from licorice root, which has been thought to be good for diseases such as malaria since ancient times, is used to eliminate common problems such as dry cough and phlegm in the winter months, is good for asthma and bronchitis, strengthens the immune system, is appetizing and strengthening, and is good for respiratory and digestive problems. The plant, which is anti-cramp and digestive, is also good for constipation and relieves bone and joint pain. It combats nervous disorders, gastritis and ulcers caused by stress, and is used in the treatment of diseases such as hemorrhoids and food poisoning. It enables women to go through menopause and menstrual periods comfortably, reduces pre-menstrual pain and swelling, and eliminates hormonal imbalances due to menopause. It also eliminates the symptoms of sweating, low blood pressure, weakness and fatigue in the summer months.

“Clinical experiments have shown that some people have high sensitivities to licorice root and that especially pregnant women and those with high blood pressure should be careful about the use of the plant. On the other hand, in case of uncontrolled use of licorice root, headaches, blood pressure, insomnia, heart problems, arrhythmia, allergies, bloating and “Side effects such as water retention in the body may also occur.”


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