The criticism of the Qatar World Cup: “Don’t understand why”

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Facts: Alarm reports from Qatar

In addition to the guest workers’ situation in Qatar, human rights organizations have sounded the alarm about discrimination against women and LGBTQ people and about limited freedom of expression.

Women are discriminated against both in terms of legislation when it comes to inheritance and divorce, but also in practice. For example, there are systems of “male guardianship” where women have to ask permission for things like traveling or getting married.

LGBTQ people are discriminated against, for example, because same-sex sex leads to prison.

Freedom of expression has been severely restricted in recent years. Last year, a new law was introduced that criminalizes “false information” or “biased information” where you risk imprisonment for five years or sky-high fines. Political parties are not allowed.

Source: Amnesty Sweden

The FIFA World Cup in Qatar is only about two months away. However, after losing in the playoff meeting with Poland, Sweden failed to qualify.

After the national team’s training at Stockholm’s stadium, RB Leipzig star Emil Forsberg criticizes the fact that the championship is played in Qatar.

— I’ve never understood that choice, to be completely honest. I think it’s very strange. I don’t understand why a World Cup should be played in the winter. It’s just strange, but that’s how it is now, says Forsberg.

“Complicated Question”

Among other things, the Norwegian Football Association has been very critical of the fact that the international football association, Fifa, has decided that the WC will be played in Qatar. A country that is accused of violating basic human rights, including by banning homosexuality and treating guest workers.

TT: Some confederations have chosen not to go to the WC, but the Swedish Football Association’s line is to go. Do you think it’s the right decision?

— We’re not going to go now anyway. That’s a complicated question, and I understand that you’re asking it. Now we’re not going to the WC, and I’m happy that I have a holiday if we say so, says the 30-year-old.

Although Forsberg is critical of the championship being played in Qatar, he will follow the championship.

TT: Who is the favorite for the WC gold?

— That’s a good question, actually. I actually don’t know, I don’t have an exact gold favorite I can say now. But I think it could be exciting.

However, there are a couple of players whose progress he will follow a little extra closely during the WC.

— All my guys in the team (Leipzig) who get to join and get the chance to play, it will be a lot of fun to follow, of course, says the Bundesliga professional.

“Will Feel Weird”

The WC will be played between November 20 and December 18. RB Leipzig will play their last game before the World Cup break on November 12. The team then plays its next league match, against Bayern Munich, only on January 23.

TT: How does it feel to have two months off in the middle of the season?

— It will be nice to have a long holiday. It will feel strange above all to have a holiday in the winter, I haven’t had that in a very long time. November-December will be a strange feeling, we will still be training for a while, but it will be nice to be with the family and go away for a bit, says Forsberg.