The crisis on the Malmbanan – LKAB makes cuts

The mining company is now reducing production.

According to information to employees that SVT has heard, a worst-case scenario could mean that Pelletsverket KK3 or Svappavaara and Leveäniemi are put in a mothballed bag, which entails notice from staff.

Derailment on the Malmbanan at Vassijaure

  • So S wants to speed up the construction of double tracks on the Malmbanan

  • LKAB wants to pause passenger trains to transport iron ore

  • Soon the period of track works will also begin, which means even lower capacity on the railway.

    Confirms risk of notice

    – In a first stage, we are now reducing by around one million tonnes per year. But the situation is so serious that if we can’t run more ore trains, we have to stop even more operations and notify staff, says Jan Moström.

    Losing 100 million per day

    The derailments in December and February caused a total of 76 24-day stoppages in traffic towards the port of Narvik, with lost revenue of SEK 100 million a day, LKAB writes in a press release.

    According to the mining company, iron ore products equivalent to more than 600 full trains are in piles in Kiruna and Svappavaara – “and it is unclear when they can be delivered to customers”.

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