The County Administrative Board after the spill in Härnösand: “We are following up on what happened”

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At first there were reports that the release was 2,500 litres, but on Sunday the emergency services told us that it was even more. Fredrik Olsson, customer and marketing manager at Hemab, said that it was unclear how the release happened.

– We will carry out an investigation to find out what has happened. The focus over the weekend has been to address what was released. It has not leaked into water or anything and there are no injuries, says Fredrik Olsson on Sunday.

The discharge must be reported to the County Administrative Board and Maria Höglund, head of unit at the environmental inspection unit, says that the County Administrative Board will then follow up on what has happened.

– We are following up on what caused it and what the business is also doing to prevent it from happening again, says Maria Höglund.

In the video above, you can see and hear Maria Höglund talk about, among other things, what happens if a report is not made to the County Administrative Board.