The Council of State cancels the dissolution of the collective Les Soulèves de la Terre

the Council of State cancels the dissolution of the collective

In a decision rendered this Thursday, the Council of State canceled the dissolution of the collective Les Soulèves de la Terre.

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This Thursday, the highest French administrative court inflicted a snub on the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmaninby canceling its decision to dissolve the environmentalist collective Earth Uprisings.

The Council of State considers that no provocation of violence against people can be attributed to the Earth Uprisings », decided the highest French administrative court. The Council of State, however, recognized that the collective had performed well “ to provocations and violent actions against property “. He mentions in particular the demonstration last March against the construction of megabasins in Sainte-Soline (Deux-Sèvres).

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But according to the jurisdiction, the dissolution requested by the Ministry of the Interior “ did not constitute an appropriate, necessary and proportionate measure to the seriousness of the disturbances likely to cause public order » because a measure of dissolution « seriously undermines freedom of association, a fundamental principle recognized by the laws of the Republic “.

It can therefore only be implemented to avoid serious disturbances to public order. », insisted the court. And to add: “ A dissolution is only justified when an association or group incites people to engage in violent acts against people or property (explicitly or implicitly, by words or actions), publicly legitimizes acts of particular gravity or refrains from moderating explicit incitements to commit acts of violence published in particular on its social networks “.

In a press release, the collective welcomed a “ victory “. “ This decision brings hope for the continuation of the necessary fight that we must wage in the face of the ongoing destruction. », he adds.

Furthermore, the Council of State validated the dissolution of three other associations: the Coordination against Racism and Islamophobia (CRI), the Alvarium, a small ultra-right group based in Angers and the GALE (Antifascist Group Lyon and surroundings). On these files, the court considered that these dissolutions were “ justified “.