The Council of Ministers approves the Nadef, growth estimates for 2022 are up: + 3.7%

The Council of Ministers approves the Nadef growth estimates for

(Finance) – The second “operational” Council of Ministers chaired by the president has ended Giorgia Melons. Approved the Update note to Def (Nadef). Present the estimates of growth of the Italian Gross Domestic Product for 2022 and 2023: GDP will grow this year by 3.7%, and then slow down the next one at a programmatic 0.6%. This year’s growth has been revised upwards from Nadef developed by the Draghi government which, before the positive data on the third quarter, indicated an increase in GDP of 3.3%.

According to reports from Ansa, the extent of the maneuver net 2023 is estimated at approx 21 billion and it will be destined entirely to contrast the expensive energy. As for the deficit programmatic for this year it is set at 5.6% of GDP, against a trend estimate of 5.1%. For the next year, the policy deficit will drop to 4.5%, to then settle at 3.7% in 2024 and 3% in 2025.