the continent is looking for champions for the economy of tomorrow

the continent is looking for champions for the economy of

1,800 big bosses, heads of state and government, economic leaders in the broad sense: the Africa CEO Forum, the largest private sector meeting on the continent, opens this Monday and for two days in Abidjan . It is moreover the Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara who opens the debates devoted to the emergence of future champions of the economy in Africa.

With our special correspondent in Abidjan, Bruno Faure

Alassane Ouattara followed by Patrick Achi at the podium this morningace to the business elite. The President and Prime Minister of Côte d’Ivoire, the regional locomotive. Stronger growth and lower inflation than its neighbors. The 3.5 billion dollar plan granted recently by the IMF should also make it possible to encourage investment.

Because African economies, with very disparate situations, must not miss the train of global recomposition. The countries of the South certainly have their card to play. What is needed are companies capable of carrying out large-scale projects, such as the Dangote group in Nigeria. The continent has about 300 of those that exceed $1 billion in revenue. It is ten times more in Europe or in Asia. A question of economic sovereignty, of strategic autonomy. In agriculture, energy, digital, we need national champions who shine in the world. The private and public sectors will seek solutions together during this 2023 edition of the Africa CEO Forum.

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The great guest of the economy, the president of the Ivorian National Assembly Adama Bictogo.