The console update is finally available for 100 euros cheaper

The console update is finally available for 100 euros cheaper

During the VAT campaign, the digital PS5 Slim (without drive) was available at the historical best price, now it’s the turn of the Disc Edition. You’re just getting it 100 euros discount on the PS5 Slim with drive at Amazon * and MediaMarkt *.

PS5 Slim Disc Edition at the best price


To the deal

PS5 Slim at Amazon and MediaMarkt: How good is the offer?

When the console update was released with the PS5 Slim in November 2023, the prices were raised again to the recommended retail price of 549 euros. With the current offer of 449 euros for the version with a drive, we finally have that again Black Friday level achieved, with the difference that you now get the Slim Edition. Unfortunately, it is still unclear whether prices will fall further on Prime Day. If you don’t want to wait, you can’t go wrong here.

What’s new with the PS5 Slim?

Except for the expanded hard drive (it now holds 1TB), the changes are primarily cosmetic. The case is slimmer and lighter and is more in line with the expectations of numerous video game fans who found the exterior of the standard PS5 too bulky.

A nice feature are the interchangeable faceplates, i.e. covers of the housing. This means you can order other designs directly from Sony and easily install them on your console.

Fantasy epic for the PS5

Of course, you also need the right games to power the PS5. For example, straight is the fantasy masterpiece Elden Ring, co-authored by George RR Martin greatly reduced.

In Elden Ring you immerse yourself in the dark in-between land, explore a huge open world on foot or on horseback and conquer threatening fortresses. The latest prank from the Dark Souls developers was voted Game of the Year at several awards and our colleagues at GameStar also gave it an incredible 93 out of 100 points.

The first story expansion has now been released Shadow of the Earth Tree announced. If you haven’t played Elden Ring yet, you can pre-order the main game and DLC together in a complete edition from Amazon *.

You can also pre-order the hotly anticipated samurai adventure Rise of the Ronin *, which we have already introduced to you. With its Japanese setting, it is strongly reminiscent of the current Disney+ mega-success Shogun.

More PS5 games on offer

The future of the PlayStation: Rumors are growing that we will see a PS5 Pro in the next few months, although it is still unclear when exactly that will be. It could possibly happen this year, you can be excited.

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