The competition no one wants to win

In Malmö, there is a competition in which it is not so fun to be number one.
Sweden’s ugliest parking lot is to be named and now this year’s candidates have been selected for a final vote.
– The ugliest are the ones that have no greenery, says Beatrice Rindevall, chairman of the Nature Conservation Association in Efter fem.

More parking spaces than people

Behind the competition is the Nature Conservation Association, which wants to highlight how dependent we are on cars in Sweden
You probably have an agenda here that you think it’s boring that cars take up too much of the urban environment. Is that how you should look at this competition?, asks Henrik Alsterdal in Efter fem.
– Absolutely so. We did a Sifo survey which shows that we are very dependent on cars in our country. Right now we have more parking spaces than there are people in Sweden. And more parking space than we have living space. And we really want to highlight that, says Beatrice Rindevall.
Instead of parking spaces, the Nature Conservation Society would like to see social spaces instead.
– Playgrounds, green areas, restaurants. Which you can use in the best way in peace and quiet without dangerous particles.

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“The best car park is the one that is needed”

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