The competition in Robinson ended in fiasco – it actually happened

The competition in Robinson ended in fiasco it actually

Robinson 2024 is in full swing and at the time of writing, the program is being broadcast for the third week in a row.

The participants on the island are on day 12 and in addition to sun, bugs, pacts and fights, hunger has become their biggest enemy.

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– We must have food now. The only thing you do is fantasize about food when you are so starved. If there is a competition where we can win food, we have to drive as hard as we can. Everyone needs food, said Hanna Danemyr.

At first, the teams were divided by gender – that is, the boys against the girls. But during the week, the participants have been divided into new teams. This after a negotiation between Marcus Håkanson and Charlotte Hedlund.

Marcus and Charlotta were the ones sent to negotiate. Image source: TV4

After the negotiation, Marcus was praised by the viewers as he managed to manipulate Charlotta in a way where she thought she got the team members she wanted. But in fact, Marcus transferred everyone he wanted to his own team.

The teams would then meet in their first competition. There you can say that it was clear who had chosen teammates with team spirit.

And yes, it wasn’t completely out of place for Marcus with Team South.

Robinson 2024: Competition ended quickly

The dreaded competition in tonight’s program involves chaining each team together into a single unit. They must then run around in a circle with weights on their shoulders. This until one of the teams catches up with the other.

But it is important that everyone can cope with it. As you are chained to each other, you quickly run into problems if someone falls, something that eventually happens every year.

Competition in Robinson 2024. Image source: TV4

The first to fall was Alma Skoog. But when the teammates were quick enough to help her disconnect, they were able to quickly continue on to get closer to the other team.

What happened next was that Lars Koefoed in Team North fell.

It then looks like he is the one who “completely destroys the team”. But what both viewers and other participants reacted to is that it had really only been to disconnect Lars and take his weights – and then run on.

– Charlotta and Fredrik were too busy screwing up everyone else and just running their own race, said Olivia Lindegren.

The second when team north got hold of team south. Image source: TV4

What happened was that Lars sank several times into the mud, which made it impossible for him to get up while the others continued to run.

– Maybe I would have liked the others to back off a little so that you could get a foothold again, but I never got the chance to do that as they just ran on, Lars said.

– Yes, we could have been a little more coordinated there. It was harder than you thought to get up, Olivia said.

The losing team. Image source: TV4

The price for the others?

The price. Image source: TV4

A box of both fish and other food they could make a big feast out of.

Robinson is broadcast on TV4 Play and TV4 Sundays-Thursdays.