The company’s own iMessage application is released for Nothing Phone (2)

Nothing Phone 2 will be on sale soon in Turkey

Nothing Phone (2) The iMessage application developed by the company itself is available as of today.

iMessage is among the most important elements of the Apple ecosystem. This messaging infrastructure works through the built-in messaging application, and people are classified with different colors according to the devices they use. The color of a message bubble you receive blue from iPhone, green It comes from an Android phone (only SMS, not data). internet giant Google He has been very critical of exactly this for a long time. The company said that this situation created “iPhone purchasing pressure”, especially among young people, and that most of the time He claims it has led to the exclusion of Android users. It is reported that this situation, which is especially seen in group chats, has reached the point of despising a person who has a green balloon in his name, that is, an Android user, and it is requested that this be changed specifically for iMessage. Stating that Apple should not benefit from the bullying that occurs here, Googlealso wants Apple to stop seeing Android users as “second-class citizens”.


He is one of the people who saw these problems. Nothing company, which was also sold in Turkey last week. Nothing Phone (2) for smartphone model “Nothing Chats” He announced that he was preparing a messaging application called. sunbird This application, prepared in collaboration with , turns messages into blue balloons. Phone (2) to the model iMessage Adds based messaging. The first company to officially offer this type of solution Nothing, As of today, the application has been activated in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and some European Union countries.

in beta Here The following explanation is given for the application in question: “We believe in windows, not walls. If messaging services divide phone users, we want to break down those barriers. Nothing Chats is an app developed in partnership with Sunbird that allows you to send messages to other users via blue bubbles. We are currently in Beta, which means more features and improvements will be on the way.”

With the release of the application Serious security risks were also revealed, two companies were found to be using highly insecure HTTP for transfers. Meanwhile, Apple recently took a step back regarding RCS for 2024. Details about it Here you can see.