The co-op owners’ money rain – that’s how many billions they got in 2023

The co op owners money rain thats how many billions

The food giant Coop can look back on a strong 2023 when revenues increased and the economy grew strong.

The Kooperativa förbundet (KF), of which all Coop members are also members, measured a net turnover of almost SEK 38.5 billion, according to Dagligvarunytt.

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2023 was a historically strong year for Coop. Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TTCoop returned billions of dollars

According to the chairman of the Cooperative Association Leif Linde Coop has had a major focus on lower prices and better offers to customers, who are also owners.

In addition, the number of members in the cooperative increased by almost 190,000 people in 2023, compared to the previous year. This means that the number of members at KF and Coop is approaching four million.

– We are very happy and proud that more people are discovering the advantages of owning their own store, says Leif Linde to Dagligvarunytt and adds:

– But we must continue to increase attractiveness so that members consume more with us.

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Leif Linde is chairman of the Cooperative Association (KF). Photo: Press image Coop

With the improved result, it also meant a substantial saving for the owners, as well as the members. The reason is that the strong year meant that the owners and members received a full SEK 1.8 billion back in the form of price reductions and member discounts.

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