the CNT adopts an ordinance on the status of the military

the CNT adopts an ordinance on the status of the

Chad’s National Transitional Council met on Tuesday and adopted an ordinance on the general status of soldiers in the defense and security forces. The objective is to modernize and professionalize the Chadian forces. They are described by some as clannish, despite the denials of power. For the first time, a career plan for these soldiers was presented with rules for moving up the hierarchy.

The number of generals continues to increase Chad, as well as their financial cost. Free housing, water, electricity, a company car or even a salary which amounts to millions of FCFA… Each general enjoys exorbitant advantages, according to the adviser Takilal Ndo-lassem, who has no not hide his concern in front of the NTC : “ Chad’s army is an inverted pyramid army. We have more generals than Nigeria. We have almost 400 generals, 300 of whom come from the same region. The majority of these people are from the same clan “.

There is nothing to worry about, retorted the Minister of Defence, General Daoud Yaya Brahimwhich ensures that support measures have been planned for retirements, knowing that none of them had retired since 2011 following the freezing of their retirement, officially to prevent they do not fall into precariousness.

From 4,000 to 6,000 men will therefore be affected by the measure, specifies the general, adding that these are departures spread over several months with a comfortable retirement planned for each category: “ These honorable officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers who gave their blood for the security of this country are not going to leave like that. Never “.

We’ll never do it again »

Finally, advisers pointed to the problem of “favouritism” which plagues these corps, especially when civilians are integrated into them and are propelled overnight to the rank of general. This will not happen again, assured the Chadian Minister of Defense: “ Stripes are not given like that. There are people who joined the army for a single day and they became generals. We’ll never do it again “.

A promise that did not convince several advisers contacted by telephone: “ I’ll believe it when I see it exclaimed one of them.