The clear answer about the big star that all Leksands fans dream of – now gives a clear message: “We believe that…”

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Leksand has dreamed of Max Véroneau.
But now comes a clear message from his agent.
– Who knows what happens along the way?, says George Bazos.

Max Verroneau was last year’s big giant in the SHL and his success with Leksand did not go unnoticed. His goal success was not only good for Leksand, but also historic. Only Mattias Weinhandl has, in one and the same season, scored more goals than Veronneau did for Leksand last year in the entire 2000s.

The answer about the star

That says a lot about the impression he made, and not many were surprised when the 26-year-old signed a contract with the San Jose Sharks in the NHL during the summer. But there it has not been the same success as it was in the SHL. Verroneau was left out of the squad during the Sharks’ opening games of the season, and has instead been allowed to focus on the AHL.

220312 Leksand’s Max Veronneau during the ice hockey match in the SHL between Leksand and Färjestad on March 12, 2022 in Leksand. Photo: Daniel Eriksson / BILDBYRÅN

Leksand has been clear about his dream of getting the player home already during the winter, and last week Aftonbladet wrote that Leksand is working hard to solve this, preferably before Christmas. This week, the star was also completely out of his squad in the AHL, which caused many to speculate that a return to Sweden is getting closer.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

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“No plans for that”

His agent, George Bazos, believes that the goal is still to remain in the United States, and fight for a place in the Sharks. He believes that a change of general manager in the organization has caused it for the forward, who is now forced to fight for a place. But he plans to do that.

– He has a minor injury that made him sit out the last game, it’s nothing more than that, Bazos tells Hockeypuls, and continues:

– Max has a contract with San Jose this season and has no plans to return to the SHL. We haven’t discussed Leksand at all, and the NHL is his big goal. We still think it’s possible for him to settle into San Jose once he’s injury free and starts scoring some goals again.

220305 Leksand’s Max Veronneau celebrates after 0-1 during the ice hockey match in the SHL between Växjö and Leksand on March 5, 2022 in Växjö. Photo: Jonas Ljungdahl / BILDBYRÅN

However, George Bazos believes that it is not possible to close any doors, and perhaps the Leksands fans can continue to dream.

– Who knows what will happen along the way? Max enjoyed himself very well in Leksand during his time there, but now his focus is on getting healthy, producing for the Barracudas and hopefully playing a good role in the Sharks going forward, says Bazos.

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