The champion team arrived to thank their fans – even the freezing rain didn’t dampen the mood

The champion team arrived to thank their fans even

The team’s captain Ville Aaltonen thanked the players for a great season and the supporters for the unbeatable atmosphere of the home matches.

18.3. 17:17•Updated 18.3. 17:26

Pori Narukerä celebrated its championship at Pori market on Saturday. A raging fire and freezing rain did not succeed in dampening the mood.

The audience welcomed the team that won the Bandyliiga championship a week ago to the stage with thunderous applause.

– It’s great that a group has come here, team captain Ville Aaltonen thanks

The support of the home crowd paid off throughout the season

Narukerä, who won the semi-final series with three straight games, ignited the city into a real ice-ball frenzy during the final match.

In order to accommodate the audience for the final, three stands were quickly built from snow and ice around the field. In addition, movable seating stands were brought to the site.

– The club made a really great event with all its efforts. It was great to come to the field when there was a lot of people and there was an atmosphere throughout the game. It really helped us a lot, Aaltonen thanks the audience that came to the market.

The last time the Bandyliiga championship was celebrated in Pori was in 1999.

In the final match played a week ago on Saturday, Mikkeli’s Kamppari fell in front of the home crowd with a score of 7-3. Narkera was strong in front of the home crowd.

– It has been our own fortress, where it has been difficult for the opponent to enter. We have had good support from the public throughout the season.

The talkooporukka is not startled by the rain

The club has a strong and good-natured team of talkers. Markku Heikkilä, reached from the sausage roasting shift, was part of the championship party last time as well.

In addition to work, the man has accumulated five medals, e.g. of the guardian’s duties.

Heikkilä just smiles at the weather forecasters. On the west coast, winter outdoor sports enthusiasts are used to fluctuating temperatures.

– This kind of weather doesn’t hurt ice ball players or dog walkers, Heikkilä laughs and hurries back to frying the sausage.