The CEO didn’t like the work; Volkswagen design chief changes

The CEO didnt like the work Volkswagen design chief changes

He can see frequent changes in senior names in companies. For example coming soon Volkswagen design chief it is changing.

Volkswagen company’s new CEO, according to the information you see above Jozef CoatHe was not very impressed with his work. Therefore, an important change is on the way. According to German-based sources, the company’s new design chief Andreas Mindt it will be. Judging by insider information, Mindt specifically resigned from his role at Bentley on February 1. It will become Volkswagen’s most authoritative name in design.. According to shared sensations Kaban, especially ID.2 failed to impress VW CEO Thomas Schäfer and the board with his work on the city car. of ID.2 Andreas Mindt It is reported that it will be redesigned by


Volkswagen company, which is reported to have come from BMW in 2020. Joseph Kaban, He will not be fired from the company because he is an experienced name. According to sources Kaban will be given a new role within the company. What this is is not yet known, but a more specific design position may come. And as the name to fill Andreas Mindt’s role in Bentley Tobias Sühlmann is mentioned.

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∗The new task of Andreas Mindt, whom you see above, within VW will not be easy. Because the majority of consumers do not like the design of vehicles in the fully electric ID series. Changing this, creating a new design language is of course not an easy task and will definitely take a lot of time.