The Center Party presents a new party leader

The Center Party presents a new party leader

Published: Less than 10 min ago

After eleven years, Annie Lööf steps down as party leader for the Center Party.

And now it is presented who is believed to be her successor.

Muharrem Demirok.

They were three candidates presented by the Center Party’s election committee last fall: Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist, Muharrem Demirok and Daniel Bäckström.

At 10.30 the announcement comes about who they want to see as the party’s new leader. Jan Andersson, chairman of the election committee, will participate in the press conference.

– He is confident as a person, stands firm in all situations and is used to leading others and bringing others along with him, says the selection committee at the press conference.

According to the election committee, he will also be able to attract new voters to the party.

– We see that we are getting a listening leader who has good communication skills and that he is a solution-focused team leader.

full screen Muharrem Demirok. Photo: Björn Lindahl
full screen The candidates. Photo: Magnus Sandberg