The case of Kamila Valieva, which shocked the Olympics, has finally been resolved – the doping scandal takes the figure skating team gold from the Russians

The case of Kamila Valieva which shocked the Olympics has

One of the most talked about cases of the Beijing Winter Olympics was the doping scandal of Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva, who was still 15 years old at the time. Despite that, a broken Valieva competed until the end of the Olympics.

Now Kamila Valieva16, the scandalous case has been resolved, reports, among other things Aftonbladet (you switch to another service).

According to sources, the Russian anti-doping agency Rusada has confirmed the doping scandal. At the same time, Russia will lose its victory in the figure skating team competition at the Beijing Olympics.

Due to the controversial doping case, the team competition medals were not awarded at all in February. Rusada was given six months to investigate the case.

With the Russian Olympic Committee team disqualified, the medal trio in the team competition is the United States, Japan and Canada.

Russian media such as According to Championat (you switch to another service)a well-known Russian sports agent Andrei Mitkov reported that “Rusada has convincing evidence confirming that Valieva violated anti-doping rules”. Rusada itself has not confirmed the news, and there is no information yet on the length of the suspension.

This is how the scandal unfolded at the Olympics

Valiyeva had given a doping sample at the Russian championships on 25 December 2021, which found trimetazidine. It is used, for example, for dizziness and heart problems. It is on the list of prohibited substances because it can improve blood circulation and endurance.

The official test result of the World Anti-Doping Agency Wada came on February 8, when Valieva had already skated the team competition and made the quadruple jump as the first woman in history.

Rusada imposed a temporary ban on Valieva. Valieva challenged the decision and Rusada lifted the suspension.

Valijeva had explained that the substance got into her system with her grandfather’s heart medicine, because she had drunk from her grandfather’s water glass.

After the news, there was a lot of discussion about Valieva’s fate at the Olympic ice. The Russian Olympic Committee and Rusada wanted the teenage prodigy to continue. The International Olympic Committee, the International Figure Skating Federation and Wada wanted Valieva to be temporarily banned from competition.

In the end, the International Court of Appeal for Sport gave Valieva the right to compete. The reasons given were the athlete’s young age and the fact that it took an exceptionally long time to get the test result, so Valieva’s troops did not have time to defend themselves.

In single skating, the pre-favorite Valieva fell to fourth place. After that, especially the coach spoke Eteri Tutberidzen rude behavior towards a tearful athlete. It shocked, among other things Kiira Korpea On the broadcast of the sports studio.

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