The British press is already talking about a replacement for Prime Minister Boris Johnson

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The revelations accumulate day after day in the United Kingdom and the descent into hell of Boris Johnson seems endless. In the British press, there is already speculation about the post-Boris era.

The British press has been talking about the disgrace of Boris Johnson for a while now. The question now is when and how he will be fired, with a vote of no confidence – for example – which will make his resignation automatic, according to our correspondent in London, Sidonie Gaucher. But the thrust should be carried by Sue Gray. It is readily called “ incorruptible » and it is she who leads the investigation for clandestine parties during the health crisis.

Even from his party, some elected officials also want him to leave the government. Boris Johnson could therefore be forced to resign from the party and from the government if enough votes are gathered within the majority. For Sophie Loussouarn, a doctor specializing in the political history of the United Kingdom, it would not be good news for the majority either: “ This resignation is not appropriate, because in the midst of a health crisis, it would not be appropriate to have elections for the head of the conservative party. Everything will depend on the position of the Conservative MPs. »

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, favorite to take the place of Boris Johnson

To succeed him, several names circulate. First, there is Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, that is to say the Minister in charge of Finance and Treasury for a year. This impeccably styled Brexit advocate is first on the list. Then, Liz Truss is also quoted. The Minister of Foreign Affairs is renowned for her outspokenness. A champion of free trade, it has concluded a series of post-Brexit trade agreements.

We are also talking about Dominic Raab, the current Minister of Justice who replaced Boris Johnson when he had the Covid. Michael Gove, the current Housing Minister whose mission is to “ level up » the disadvantaged regions of the United Kingdom, is also mentioned.

Level up will, it seems, be the first task for the next head of government.

Boris Johnson is falling from grace after winning an 80-seat majority in the House of Commons in the last general election, the biggest win for the Conservatives since 1987. I think today you have an attack on the authority of the Prime Minister. And this uprising is a humiliation for Boris Johnson, who has lost the confidence of some of his deputies who are already hostile to the measures of freedom-killing restrictions, and also to this whole series of scandals which are weakening the government. This has been felt since December 13 when the Prime Minister announced the resumption of teleworking and asked for the adoption of the health pass. It is thanks to the support of Labor MPs that he managed to have these restrictive measures adopted, which are very unpopular within the conservative majority.

Sophie Loussouarn: “this uprising is a humiliation for Boris Johnson”

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