The Boys star is barely recognizable: Was one of the main roles secretly recast?

The Boys star is barely recognizable Was one of the

When the first moving images for the fourth season of the Amazon superhero series The Boys were released half a year ago, some fans wondered whether the character Mother’s Milk has been recast in the meantime.

On Reddit, for example, a fan wrote: “What happened to MM in the trailer?” The answer is simple: No, Mother’s Milk has not been recast. He is still played by actor Laz Alonso, who has been on board The Boys since the beginning as one of the main actors of the format. The explanation why he looks different is quite simple.

Don’t worry, The Boys main character Mother’s Milk is still played by the same series star: That’s why he looks different now

Laz Alonso made two changes to his appearance between seasons 3 and 4: Firstly, he got rid of his distinctive beard, which makes his face look completely different. Secondly, he lost a lot of weight, so his body no longer has the same shape as before.

In the video with the The Boys star you can see the difference between the seasons:

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According to Comic Book Club, Alonso had been harboring weight loss ambitions since at least 2017, when he posted on Facebook after training: “In just one month I’ve lost over an inch of my waist. I’m going to train even harder this month and get the waist of my 20s back.” Apparently Alonso has achieved his goal. We can only hope that he hasn’t neglected his health during the hard training.

When is The Boys season 4 coming to Amazon Prime Video?

Homelander, Billy Butcher and Co. will be back next Thursday, June 13, 2024 on Amazon Prime Video. To kick off the new The Boys season, three episodes will be available online, and the remaining five episodes will air weekly on Thursdays.

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