The bottle taken from the Venezuelan man surprised even the doctors! When the thieves who can’t steal the item they want get angry…

The bottle taken from the Venezuelan man surprised even the

A 79-year-old man living in Venezuela underwent emergency surgery with an alcohol bottle stuck in his anus. He claimed that the bottle was inserted into his anus by thieves who tried to rob him. He said three people broke into his home in Palo Negro in central Venezuela, and he was angry when he couldn’t find any valuables. It is unclear whether a police investigation will be opened.

After the diagnosis was made, the patient was treated. According to the information obtained, the patient had an ’emergency surgery’, but no further details were given. In some cases, foreign bodies stuck in the rectum are close enough to the anus and can be manually removed. But one of the main problems is that there is strong suction between the object and the walls of the rectum.

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Sometimes the doctor passes a tube between the object and the rectal wall to try to equalize the pressure as the object is removed, an uncomfortable procedure that requires sedation. If the object is very deep, full processing may be required.