The border police on the hunt for terrorists: “Has had ongoing cases”

Every day, thousands of travelers come by train from Denmark to Sweden. On the platform at Hyllie station in Malmö, around ten police officers are waiting. The identity of the passengers must be checked quickly.

– Among other things, we look for deviations and if someone is behaving nervously, says Fredrik Werner, external border officer at the border police in the South region.

The authorities have warned that terrorists may travel to Sweden to commit attacks and the border police say that they have recently checked several people who may be of interest in the context.

– We carry out checks that provide a piece of the puzzle in a larger context. We have good cooperation with the Security Police and other parts of the police that work against terror, says Fredrik Werner.

Have you stopped any or anyone?

– Unfortunately, I cannot go into details, says Fredrik Werner.

Islamist terrorist threat behind increased controls

Their checks are a consequence of the decision the government made already in mid-May.

“There is a serious threat to public order and internal security,” the government wrote at the time.

In documents from the European Commission, the reason for the decision appears even more clearly: “Islamic terrorist threat”, it says. And since a few weeks ago, the government has also asked the police to intensify the work with the internal border controls.

– We are reorganizing our controls so that we are more present, we are visible in more places and are more mobile, says Fredrik Werner.

A recent law change has also given them increased powers.

– This means we can control more people and vehicles, says Fredrik Werner.

At the same time, they are aware that an attack can happen at any time.

– The idea is there and it has always been there. We are prepared if something were to happen, says Fredrik Werner.