The Body Shop’s website is down: “Thank you for..”

The Body Shops website is down Thank you for

The Body Shop website is not working. When looking up the beauty chain, only a message from The Body Shop is displayed. On the website it says “Thank you for visiting us”.

According to The Body Shop, the website is being updated, and those who want to shop from the chain are directed to the nearest store. The website should be back soon, according to the announcement.

But the website has been down for almost three weeks.

Popular The Body Shop store goes bankrupt

The Body Shop’s website has been down for weeks: “Has the company shut down…?”

Several customers have asked on the company’s Facebook why the website is down. The Body Shop has responded to customers with the same answer:

“Our website is temporarily down but is expected to open again in the near future. We welcome you to our stores or retailers instead!”

Screenshot from The Body Shop’s comment section on Facebook.Financial difficulties

One of the customers who have commented on The Body Shop’s Facebook page asks if the company should close down in Sweden, as they have done in the UK. The Body Shop is a British cosmetics company founded in 1976 but in its home country it is not doing so well. There, The Body Shop has been forced to close down around half of its 200 stores. The reason was financial difficulties.

Since 2006, the chain is owned by French L’Oreal.

In Sweden, things are not going as well for The Body Shop as for their competitors. Despite this, they managed to achieve a result of SEK 2,970,000 in 2022.

Lyko, The Body Shop and Sephora – the beauty giants that are doing worst

Screenshot from The Body Shop website.

When The Body Shop’s website is up and running again remains to be seen.

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