“The biggest threat to Swedish football”

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Fredrik Gårdares action group was shut down in 2021. Now there is no resource with the police that works to stop the criminal networks’ involvement in Swedish football. In an interview with Studio Allsvenskan Gårdare mentions several concerns with this.

– They get in through contacts in the clubs and arrange meetings with the players. There, for example, the criminals can use threats to get the player to connect to their network, he says in the football podcast.

Farmers warn: “There is a risk that the influence will increase”

According to Fredrik Gårdare, the criminals’ influence in the clubs is the biggest threat to Swedish football.

– There is a risk that the influence will increase. This could mean that the networks start controlling the clubs behind the scenes. We are starting to see tendencies towards that already now, especially in the lower divisions, says the former police officer in Studio Allsvenskan.

– Should they also start starting their own clubs and move up the series system, it could be a serious threat to the 51 percent rule.

If you want to listen to the entire episode with Fredrik Gårdare, you can do so here!