The biggest mystery of the Rick series was solved 3 years ago

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With The Ones Who Live, we can finally follow the former The Walking Dead main character Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) through the zombie apocalypse week after week on MagentaTV since February 26, 2024. The spin-off has a few surprises in store for fans of the enormous series universe.

In episode 1, Rick Grimes learns of a huge catastrophe in a distant community. However, there is much more to the attack on Omaha. However, only fans who have seen the entire spin-off The Walking Dead: World Beyond know this. But don’t worry: we’ve got you summarized the most important things about the secret CRM intrigue.

Warning, spoilers:

The Omaha disaster explained in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

In The Ones Who Live we get to know the mysterious Civic Republic and the Civic Republic Military (CRM) from the perspective of Rick Grimes. The civil society established after the start of the zombie apocalypse in the former metropolis of Philadelphia is part of an alliance of three large communities spread across the USA. These include Civic Republic, Portland and Omaha.

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The shock is correspondingly deep when Rick and his new colleagues find out that the friendly community of Omaha was destroyed in the wake of a huge catastrophe meager 100,000 people lost their lives. The background to this disaster is vague, but a huge horde of zombies is said to be responsible.

However, the people within the Civic Republic walls have no idea what really happened. The Walking Dead fans, however, already know it. The Omaha disaster was already shown in the start of the spin-off series World Beyond.

On the 10th anniversary of the start of the apocalypse, the Omaha campus colony is overrun and wiped out by a massive horde of undead. How could this come about? The CRM itself is responsible for this disaster. The military directed the zombie masses there and deliberately destroyed the colony’s secure walls. Why the CRM faked this attack? We already know that.

Rick Grimes doesn’t yet know the true intentions of the CRM

There is a huge intrigue behind the Omaha disaster that leads to the top of the CRM, to Major General Beale (Terry O’Quinn). This will certainly play an elementary role in Rick’s story. If you haven’t seen World Beyond yet and don’t want to spoil a possible mega twist, don’t read any further. Final spoiler warning.


The Walking Dead: World Beyond reveals the CRM’s motives

In the second and final season of World Beyond, the true intentions of the helicopter military are revealed. As part of the founding of the Civic Republic, the CRM was once complete autonomy for 10 years awarded. During this period, the CRM was able to act unhindered to ensure the continued existence of humanity. This agreement is now about to expire.

In concrete terms, this means that supervision of the military should be transferred to the civilian government. A corresponding newspaper article about this process can also be found in the opening credits of The Ones Who Live. However, the leadership of the “most powerful army on the planet” does not want to voluntarily submit to the government.

And so the CRM fakes the devastating attack of a mega-horde, around the To delay the transfer of power during the state of emergency. However, most soldiers, including Rick Grimes, know nothing about the power struggle within the Civic Republic and a possible impending military coup.

The fact that there are secrets and conspiracies even within the ranks of the military is already hinted at in episode 1 by CRM Colonel Donald Okafor (Craig Tate). Even if Rick Grimes doesn’t know it yet, his loyalty to the military could be severely tested in the next few episodes.

When is The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live Episode 2 coming?

The first season of The Ones Who Live consists of six episodes, which are released weekly on Mondays on MagentaTV. Let’s continue Episode 2 on March 4, 2024.