The biggest gaming event of the year does not take place

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The Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3 for short, which was supposed to take place again in person in 2023, has been cancelled. Actually, she should have from 13.-16. to take place in June. The event is the largest gaming event in the world, where new games and highlights are regularly presented.

The essentials in brief:

  • After the corona pandemic, E3 2023 should have taken place again as a real event. The event counts as the largest gaming fair in the world, in which the largest game studios take part.
  • From 13th to 16th The studios would then have presented their new games and important updates on June 2023.
  • E3 2023 has now been cancelled. An alternative event has not yet been confirmed.
  • Why was E3 cancelled? As reported by IGN, the US side has learned from sources that E3 has been cancelled. The reason, according to an email, is that they “simply could not gather the consistent interest” necessary to conduct the event “in a manner that would do justice to the size, strength and influence of the industry”. The message states:

    This was a difficult decision due to all the effort we and our partners put into this event, but we had to do what is right for the industry and for E3. We appreciate and understand that interested companies would not have playable demos ready and that funding challenges have made attending E3 an insurmountable obstacle.

    The event would have been from 13.-16. June in Los Angeles and would have been the first E3 event with live visitors since 2019. The corona pandemic has made conventions impossible in previous years or postponed them to online events.

    The Summer Game Fest is one of E3’s biggest competitors. A new trailer for Nightingale was shown there in 2022, which could become one of the most important survival games in 2023:

    Nightingale shows new trailer with PvE gameplay, looks more and more like Valheim

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    E3 is canceled again – other events are taking over

    E3 has had a tough time over the past few years:

    Other events such as Goeff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, which has become enormously popular over the years, have taken over as a substitute. The SGF is now considered a real alternative to the E3.

    A Summer Game Fest has already been announced for 2023. It is scheduled to take place on June 8th, for the first time in front of a live audience. We don’t know yet whether there will be problems here as well as at E3.

    However, the Summer Game Fest 2022 still had a few problems, but this was mainly due to the theme that most of the games chose:

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