The best pool 3 decks in Marvel Snap

The best pool 3 decks in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is taking the genre of collectible card games by storm, quickly becoming a small, unavoidable phenomenon. Today we focus on the best pool 3 decks.

A small phenomenon turned big in the TCG (collectible card game) category, Marvel Snap is taking the phones and computers of gamers around the world by storm. Driven by high-intensity gameplay, unique mechanics like slots or cubes, and boundless respect for the Marvel universe, it must be said that its strengths are numerous. Progression is fast, fun, and fun, making it easy to reach the end of pool 2. But pool 3 is getting tougher in terms of decks and opponents, so we’ve prepared some decks to get you started in this fierce competition.

The V2 discard deck in pool 3

Discard decks, to be handled with care © Linternaute/JV
  • Blade: Revealed: Discard a card from your hand.
  • Morbus: Permanent: Gain +2 power for each discarded card.
  • Mister Sinister: Revealed: Creates a clone of itself on the same slot
  • Swarm: When this card is destroyed, add two copies of itself at zero cost to your hand.
  • Lockjaw: When you play cards to this slot, they are replaced by other cards from your deck.
  • Lady Sif: Revealed: Discard the most powerful card from your hand.
  • Swordmaster: Revealed: Discard a card from your hand.
  • Dracula : After the last turn, discard a card from your hand, Dracula recovers his power
  • Hell Cow: Revealed: Discard two cards from your hand.
  • Hello: Revealed: Play all the cards you have discarded from your hand randomly to the slots
  • Revelation: When you discard this card from your hand, put it back and add 4 power.
  • America Chávez: This card can only be drawn on turn 6 and not before.

Discard decks are among the strongest decks but also the hardest to play correctly. They are based on a large number of Discard effects, and are based on a final round that is generally quite explosive. Central card in this composition, Hela is totally essential, it will allow you to play all the cards you have discarded during previous turns. You can try to take control of certain locations with Morbius (also essential here), Mister Sinister or Swarm. In the mid game, Sword Master and Lady Sif will allow you to control certain slots while being sure to keep discarding cards from your hand, and synergize with Swarm and Morbius. Apocalypse is a top card to discard, while America Chavez remains a solid option for controlling a slot. If you don’t draw Hela, you’ll always have the option to play Lockjaw to try to get some big cards out of your deck, and make sure you find Hela. Dracula is just extremely fun to play and will secure you victory very often.