The best old serials that are not forgotten

The best old serials that are not forgotten

where is it for you old serials We seem to hear you say… The one whose taste remains in your palate, who managed to lock us all in front of the screen for years. old Turkish serials Our list is for you.

It must be admitted that old serials turkish It has a very special place in the hearts of the audience. Even though new productions meet with the audience every season, there are series that we all can’t give up and even watch once again from time to time. Turkish serials are old We do not know whether it has become an expression of a longing for the times, but TV series from 10 years ago It is still watched with great pleasure.

Super father

Legendary Turkish TV series When you say Super Dad, there is no one that comes to mind. Perhaps it was the fact that everyone found a piece of themselves in the characters in this series that made Super Dad, who succeeded in establishing a throne in the hearts of all television viewers with his warm and sincere air, so loved.

The drama series, which was broadcast between 1993 and 1997, lasted 4 seasons. The relationship and love of Fikret, the divorced father with 3 children, who are engraved in our hearts as Fiko, form the subject of Super Dad.

Our people

The best Turkish TV series ever Bizimkiler, which is one of the most popular, has witnessed the growth of a generation by being broadcast uninterruptedly for 15 seasons. As the preparations for the next day’s school were made on Sunday evenings, Bizimkiler was anticipated with great excitement and met with the audience as a result of developing the characters in the movie “King of Doormen”, written by Umur Bugay.

Ours manages to humorously convey the relationships of families living in an apartment, both among themselves and with their surroundings. It is one of the most popular TV series of its time. With its high ratings, it has locked all of Turkey to the screen on Sunday evenings.

Bread boat

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Most watched old TV series When it is said, it is impossible not to mention Ekmk Boat. Bread Boat, which started to be broadcast on ATV in 2002, is in the genre of comedy and drama. The last season of the series, which has 3 seasons in total, was broadcast on Show TV.

The most important reason why Turkish people love Bread Boat so much is that it exemplifies the middle-class Turkish family structure very well. It is one of the important features of the series that it includes plenty of idioms and proverbs that reveal the vitality of the Turkish language, but whose use has decreased over time.

Crazy Heart

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Deli Yürek by Turkish television audience best old serials classified among. Deli Yurek, directed by Osman Sinav, lasted 4 seasons. Deli Yürek, one of the series that caused the audience to hold their breath when it was broadcast, was watched with great interest.

Another feature of Deli Yürek is that it broke the rating records and caused the emergence of many series with the theme of mafia, deep state, politics and intra-organizational reckoning. Although they say “People and events are fictitious”, the excitement is at its peak. old Turkish serials Deli Yurek has a special place in

Snake story

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The unforgettable names that marked the Snake Story, starring Memet Ali Alabora and Meltem Cumbul, are master actors Ayten Gökçer and Çetin Tekindor. The Snake Story in drama, detective and comedy lasted for 3 seasons.

It tells the story of Zeyno’s path crossing with Memoli and the adventures they lived together, who came to Istanbul from her village to take revenge on her husband with whom she was feuding. The Snake Story became the most watched TV series of its time, and in the following years it managed to lock the audience on the screen with its reruns. legendary Turkish TV series took its place among

Headmen of the Neighborhood

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The family series, Neighborhood Mukhtars, written by Kandemir Konduk, was broadcast between 1992 and 2002. The Muhtarları, which started broadcasting on Channel 6, transferred to ATV after 2 seasons there and continued on ATV for 8 seasons. The Mukhtars of the Neighborhood, Çiçek Taksi, Bizimkiler, Kurtlar Vadisi and Perihan Abla, the last season of which was broadcast on Star TV, is the longest-running and most watched old serials has the feature of being

Ferhunde Ladies

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old serials One of the most popular among them is Ferhunde Hanımlar, which was published between 1993 and 1999. Ferhunde Hanımlar, one of the longest running TV series of Turkish television, also has a special place as the first daily series broadcast in Turkey.

It was broadcast under the name Ferhunde Hanım ve Kızları in the first years of its debut on TRT. With her transfer to Interstar in 1995, her name was changed to Ferhunde Hanımlar. The series has 7 seasons and 1069 episodes in total.

The series has managed to establish a throne in the hearts of the audience with its special characters, as well as allowing us to see the people we meet in daily life and even live together in front of the camera.


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It is impossible to forget the line “If you commit suicide, your father will kill you”… The series, which was shot on Sıdıka, a fictional character of Atilla Atalay, has a special place among comedy series on Turkish television.

Legendary Turkish TV series Sidika, located in a completely different place with its unique style, allows us to witness the adventures of the Saka family from Sinop, who live in one of the suburbs of Istanbul. Even though her education life was not allowed to continue, Sıdıka did not give up educating herself. Plus, he has a great sense of humor. The best Turkish TV series ever If you still haven’t watched Sıdıka, we say don’t waste any more time.

Crazy Bedis

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Old Turkish TV series Another one who has a special place in it is Crazy Bediş. The adventures of Çılgın Bediş, drawn by cartoonist Özden Öğrük in Gırgır Magazine since 1976, form the basis of the series. Yonca Evcimik, Çiçek Dilligil and Cenk Torun played the leading roles in the series, and many other important actors appeared in front of the camera.

Sweet Loots

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Legendary Turkish TV series One of the most deserving to be mentioned among them, Tatli Wanderers are starring Yalçın Menteş and Mehmet Ali Erbil, as well as two great masters, Erol Günaydın and İsmet Ay. One of the best examples of sitcoms, Sweet Loots continued for 5 seasons and 165 episodes.

Hot hours

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Legendary Turkish TV series Hot Hours, one of the first names that come to mind when it is mentioned, met with the audience in 1997 on ATV. The series, written by Ahmet Yurdakul, is a wonderful combination of adventure, drama, emotional and detective genres.

There are many other master names in the cast of the series, in which Mehmet Aslantuğ is in front of the cameras as Sedat Yalçın, the journalist who does not avoid the knot.

Scale Family

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in the comedy genre best old serials The Baskul family is one of the names that raises the bar with its unique sense of humor. The contrast of the names given to the family members with the characteristics of the characters is one of the pleasant details of the series that brings smiles to the faces. Although the name of the series is the Baskul Family, Gani Müjde is among the names who wrote the script of this series, where no one is on good terms with the scales except father Gürbüz, who is the weakest member of the house.

Dark Angel

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Old Turkish TV series has included many memorable characters in our lives. One of them is Yasemin, the lead role of the Black Melek series with a variable psychology. Yasemin, whose bad side is usually dominant, sometimes comes to the fore with her well-intentioned attitude. Black Melek is different from other series because it focuses on Yasemin’s inner world, which is full of intrigue, betrayal and love. For the first time, a villain became the main character, and even the summaries of the episodes were told from the mouth of this villain.