The best Lego Duplo to invent stories

The best Lego Duplo to invent stories

Lego Duplo promote the creativity of children who build their universe with these small bricks adapted to the age of toddlers. Our selection of tips to please them without breaking the bank.

Easily grasped by small hands, Lego DUPLO allow children aged 18 months to 5 years to learn about the pleasures of construction. Specially designed for the little ones, the bricks of the Duplo range have vibrant colors and are twice as large as classic Lego bricks to prevent them from being swallowed.

Appearing in 1969, the Duplo brand quickly won over children around the world and today offers a very wide range of boxes, allowing children to create an imaginary world where, since the signing of an agreement with the Disney group , their favorite characters also rub shoulders.

Intended to promote the learning of fundamental skills, such as knowing the colors of numbers or shapes, Lego Duplos invite children to discover their environment in a playful way.

In order to diversify role-playing games and encourage the development of imagination in children, the Danish brand is increasing the number of sets dealing with familiar themes, such as animals, jobs or vehicles, thus allowing the youngest to reproduce scenes of everyday life.

Accessible to all budgets by offering a wide variety of references, the Lego Duplo range enjoys an excellent reputation with parents who recognize its certain educational virtues and praise the quality of manufacture.