The best gift ideas for Mother’s Day with these promotions at Fnac-Darty

The best gift ideas for Mothers Day with these promotions

Fnac celebrates mothers and the return of sunny days by offering multiple promotions! Take advantage of many price reductions and gift ideas on all Fnac and Darty sites.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! If you’re out of inspiration or just don’t know what gift to choose for your dear mother, Fnac is there to help you. The brand is currently offering a wave of promotions as part of Mother’s Day. You can find all kinds of products there with crossed out prices that may suit multiple dad profiles!

In order to help you find your way through this jungle of promotions and gift ideas for Mother’s Day, we have offered you a small selection of the offers available on the Fnac website. The latter encompass multiple universes such as books, LEGOs, telephones, and many others.

Darty gift ideas for Mother’s Day on smartphones

Among the most high-tech gifts available on the Fnac site, there are some smartphones on sale. Among the most interesting brands in terms of price, it is possible to have fun with phones from Samsung, Google and Honor.

For mums who like to enjoy their music and series in streaming, the pack with the Honor Magic5 Lite seems to have found it all! Your mom will benefit from a very good smartphone with wireless headphones as a bonus.

Fnac gift ideas for Mother’s Day on LEGO

LEGO toys have the advantage of having so many sets that they appeal to many audiences. Fans of building blocks and flowers will be delighted with the different boxes from the “LEGO Icons” collection, which includes reproductions of orchids, bonsai and other flower arrangements to be found during Mother’s Day!

So many gift ideas that will allow your mum to brighten up their home while enjoying a few afternoons building with the family.

Darty gift ideas for Mother’s Day on the music side

Darty is also thinking of music-loving mums! To celebrate Mother’s Day, the site offers all kinds of promotions on JBL brand products. Headphones and wireless speakers are currently subject to barred prices to offer nice musical gifts!

These promotions designed around Mother’s Day and the approach of summer are available at Fnac and Darty from May 26 to June 18, 2023. There are many references to lower prices so don’t hesitate to take a little on the two merchant sites to find the best gifts for your mom!