The best continuing education for nurses

The best continuing education for nurses

Continuing education enables the acquisition of new skills during one’s career, and constitutes an obligation since the “Professional Future” law of 2018. Nurses are therefore no exception to the rule and must be trained during their working life. In this article, we detail the modalities of this continuing education for nurses.

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Continuing vocational training is aimed at employees or workers in the working world who have been working for a few years. It also concerns job seekers, since there are many training systems to help them integrate into the labor market.

The nurses have several financing options for their continuing education:

  • Through the training plan of their employer (there is also a financing fund for nurses liberals)
  • By their account CPF (Personal Training Account), on which employees accumulate hours of training that they can use when they wish for a device of their choice
  • Through other existing mechanisms: Professional transition project (PTP) or the Validation of acquired experience leave (CVAE)

What is continuing education for nurses used for?

The continuing education has many advantages for professionals. First of all, it is a strong source of motivation for employees, which allows them to improve their skills while getting out of their daily routine. They thus acquire new knowledge, which gives them a head start and can justify requests for changes in position or salary.

In addition, in the case of nurses, continuing training makes it possible to meet the health needs of the population and to adapt to changes in the environment, both technically and socio-economically. It is therefore a way to stay up to date on innovations in its sector, and thus not to miss technological shifts.

Finally, continuing training makes it possible to best meet the expectations of the job market. It gives employees the opportunity to act on their career, both personal and professional.

What continuing education programs exist for nurses?

Continuing education options are numerous and nurses face a wide range of topics. They concern theoretical as well as practical knowledge, but also interpersonal knowledge.

Here are the main training courses requested by nurses:

  • Care palliative and support at the end of life
  • Management of violence and aggression
  • Alzheimer’s pathologies and dementias related

  • Wounds and healing
  • Management
  • Psychiatry and mental health
  • Quality
  • Clinical expertise and research
  • Emergency and resuscitation care
  • Hypnosis analgesic in maternity

Which organizations offer continuing education for nurses?

Many training firms are specialized in the field of health, for nurses. It’s up to you to choose the training themes that suit you the most, they differ from one establishment to another.

We present to you the main structures offering continuing education for nurses:

Isis Nurses

Since 1990, this firm has offered courses of various durations and supports (short and long, face-to-face, hybrid and online).

Orion Health

Orion trains nearly 15,000 professionals per year, on more than 50 different topics. It also offers training abroad, in the form of group trips or weekends.


This benchmark training organization has existed since 1976 and supports health professionals in their training needs.


This firm is positioned on training around care in the field of emergencies, resuscitation, pediatrics, psychiatry andoncology. It also offers training in analgesic hypnosis in maternity hospitals.

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