The Beauty Nerds: eco-responsible cosmetics

The Beauty Nerds eco responsible cosmetics

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    Faced with the boom in natural beauty products, two cosmetics enthusiasts created The Beauty Nerds. What is it about ? What does it consist of? We tell you everything.

    What do you look for first when buying a cosmetic? Elodie and Clémentine have worked to decipher brand commitments and the composition of their products, to enable consumers to make informed choices. A project that now takes the form of a multi-brand platform, bringing together only responsible and ethical cosmetics: The Beauty Nerds.

    Products that respect the environment and health

    When buying beauty products, some people pay attention to the packaging first. Others will focus more on the composition, respectful of health and the environment. While a handful will rather be interested in brand commitments.

    Since the start of the pandemic, and consumers’ growing interest in green, 42% of French women admitted to having modified their beauty routine in this way according to a Blissim survey, it seems more difficult to distinguish the real from the fake in the natural cosmetics shelves.

    It is this observation that prompted Elodie and Clémentine, who define themselves as “cosmetics enthusiasts, a little intellectual on the edges and deeply committed to the planet”, to launch the platform The Beauty Nerds. Their objective ? Enable consumers to make better-informed, more conscious choices that are truly in line with their expectations.

    Childhood friends, we grew up in Savoie in the heart of the mountains. We left them to work in large companies, in the fields of cosmetics and mass distribution. This is where we realized the importance of consuming less, but consuming better, for our good and that of the planet.“, can we read on this new platform.

    A personalized routine

    All the beauty products offered for sale on the Beauty Nerds site comply with a demanding charter in terms of eco-responsibility, and are selected according to four groups of very specific criteria:

    • Efficiency and pleasure of use;
    • The natural composition and without controversial ingredients;
    • Eco-design and the environmental approach;
    • The sincerity of the communication (in other words, no greenwashing).

    Everything is developed with the help of a team of experts, and punctuated by a series of tips to guide consumers in adopting their beauty routine.

    Something that takes the form of a quiz from the very first steps on the platform, devoted to the cleansing routine, facial care, or even the hair routine. It is then a question of determining your needs, your skin (or hair) type, your desires (100% natural, organic products, or without controversial ingredients), the eco-gesture to integrate into your new beauty routine (refills , instructions, etc.), your favorite textures, and of course your budget. A complete questionnaire, which allows you to receive the beginnings of your future ethical and responsible beauty routine.

    Independent and committed brands

    Still very young, the platform already has a wide range of brandschosen for their products as well as their commitments in favor of the environment. Les Huilettes, Pototam, Rose Pirate, or even Yodi Beauty, are already among the labels offered on The Beauty Nerds, which (for now) focuses on face and body care, hygiene, and hair products. . All available for women, men, babies and children, and at various times in life, including a selection of products for pregnant women.

    An offer that should quickly expand over the months, and even more so with the launch of an Ulule campaign, from September 15 to October 25. Enough to build a new conscious and enlightened beauty routine.