the battles awaiting the government this fall

the battles awaiting the government this fall

In this episode of La Loupe, Eric Mandonnet, head of the political department of L’Express, explains everything to us about the upcoming battles between the government and the deputies.


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The team: Xavier Yvon (presentation), Charlotte Baris (writing), Léa Bertrand (editing) and Jules Krot (production).

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Xavier Yvon: We’re getting back into good habits, so to start this episode, I’m going to look in the La Loupe archive cabinet, where we store all our old podcasts. Just before the holidays, we once again slipped behind the scenes of a meeting of the Politics department of L’Express. Journalists took stock of Emmanuel Macron’s famous 100 days, whether for the executive or the opposition.

During this discussion, Paul Chaulet and Erwan Bruckert said: “We now have a right which threatens the government with a motion of censure during the next budget”. I had therefore already noted in my calendar the standoff over the budget in the National Assembly, in the fall. And when I spoke with Eric Mandonnet, the head of the Political department, he told me that this would not be the only parliamentary battle…

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