the Barbancourt foundation suspends its social activities due to violence between gangs

the Barbancourt foundation suspends its social activities due to violence

In Haiti, insecurity continues to rage. Clashes between rival gangs in Plaine du Cul-du-Sac, north of the Haitian capital, forced the Barbancourt foundation, belonging to the famous rum factory of the same name, and whose head office is located in the area, to suspend its activities. activities for residents of neighboring areas.

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With our correspondent in Port-au-Prince, Marie-André Belange

Haitians live to the rhythm of calls for help. For several days, residents of the Plaine du Cul-de-Sac areas have not known which way to turn. Those who live in the districts of Blanchard, Terre Noire, Sarthe and Rue Germain were forced to abandon their homes to escape violence armed bands that clash.

There would be deaths and injuries. Houses as well as cane fields, totaling 8 hectares, belonging to the Rhum Barbancourt company were burned. Alcohol production was not affected, said a press release from the rum factory founded 160 years ago and known today throughout the world.

No more free treated water…

However, the company specifies that due to this violence, residents of neighboring areas will not be able to benefit from the activities of its foundation. So, they will not have access to free treated water, free medical care center, use of playgrounds, football and basketball fields.

Between February 7 and 11, armed attacks in several municipalities including Carrefour and Cité Soleil caused the displacement of 2,686 people according to the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

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