The alpha of “The War Within” has to start in a few days

It won’t be long before World of Warcraft continues. The alpha of “The War Within” is in the starting blocks and new information is forthcoming.

In World of Warcraft Dragonflight, patch 10.2.6 was released a few weeks ago, while at the same time the Plunderstorm mode calls for crazy battle royale action. But the next expansion of WoW called “The War Within” is also becoming more and more within reach. The alpha will probably start in a few days – and with it the next chapter of World of Warcraft.

WoW: The War Within – All the big features of the new expansion

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Why does the alpha have to start soon? This is due to the roadmap that Blizzard published a few months ago – because the plan for the whole year is basically already more or less set.

The roadmap shows that the alpha of The War Within is scheduled to start after the release of patch 10.2.6 and the Plunderstorm mode, but before the start of Season 4. However, since Season 4 starts in just under 3 weeks, that is likely The start of the alpha is only a few days away – perhaps as early as next week.

WoW’s roadmap is pretty clear – the alpha needs to start soon.

How to participate in the Alpha? There is no guaranteed way to participate in the alpha of World of Warcraft: The War Within. As a rule, only selected people are admitted to Alpha – such as friends and families of the developers, larger streamers or some other media representatives.

The alpha version is usually still quite early. Large parts of the content are missing and often only individual areas or even parts of them are available, while many mechanics are still changing.

A beta doesn’t start until later in the year, between spring and summer – probably around June / July. This time you can guarantee access to the beta by pre-ordering the most expensive version of The War Within, the “Epic Edition”. It also comes with a few other goodies, such as early access and additional playing time, but at €90 it costs a lot.

It would of course be possible that Blizzard would postpone the release of the alpha again. However, looking back over the last few months, Blizzard has been pretty good at sticking to its plans to release new content in WoW – something that wasn’t always the case.

Are you already looking forward to the alpha of “The War Within” and the first reports from the new WoW expansion? Or will you try to leave as few spoilers as possible?

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