The alarm: Tramadol use among young people may increase

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Close to a million tramadol tablets were seized by the Customs last year – which is an increase compared to the year before. It is a worrying signal according to the addiction clinics Maria ungdom, which is concerned that the use of tramadol may increase among young people outside the country.

According to the Swedish Customs Administration, seizures of tramadol increased by over 35 percent in 2021 and 2022. Maria Ungdom believes that this may mean that they may soon see more and more young people with drug addiction. For those who use the drug, things can go really bad.

– It is mainly the development of addiction because it happens quickly, and it is painful to quit and many people cannot cope with it on their own and require hospital treatment, says Hanna Brännström, head of unit at Maria Ungdom.

Vilda used drugs at a young age

One of those who could easily get hold of the drug and who quickly got to see its downside is 17-year-old Vilda Bårman. For many years she used different types of drugs and became more and more entrenched in her addiction – the turning point came when her friend died of an overdose and she herself was admitted to compulsory care. Today, Vilda is drug-free and hopes to help others get out of addiction.

– If I can be a voice for those who no longer have their voice, I will gladly do so, she says.

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