The “Academy Wmd” was born to promote qualified training

The Academy Wmd was born to promote qualified training

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – “Technological innovation And training can relaunch the Italian economy, it is necessary to invest to remain competitive on international markets. The first goal of World Metrology Day it is to reduce the gaps that still exist today between the demand and supply of qualified work. An effective connection between training bodies, schools, universities and companies that are engaged in the challenge of innovation is needed. For this reason we decided to launch ‘Academy Wmd’ to help young graduates and graduates show their skills in the world of work”. She announced it Alfonso D’Aria, president of the Wmd, during the forum with the main national realities in the only industrial event in Southern Italy entirely dedicated to the topics of control, quality, automation, industry 4.0, robotics and 3D printing.

“There is a serious communication problem both in the supply chain and from school to the world of work, and within the dialogue between SMEs and large international players – underlined the number one of Mes Group – and through initiatives such as the Wmd we want to overcome these critical issues in the full conviction that it is precisely from the South that it is possible to launch the challenge of efficiency and innovation to enhance the enormous resources we have in terms of ‘human capital’ and excellent training”.

“The Wmd recorded a participation record, both in terms of the presence of major companies of sector, and for the number of visitors (above all technicians and students). Ours is an initiative created by a company for businesses – highlighted Erika Capasso, coordinator of the event -, focused on the news concerning the world of 3d printing, automation, quality control and industry 4.0. We understood the needs and offered ample space for novelty of the sector on several levels: exhibition of new technologies, commercial development with ‘one to one’ meetings and free training. Those who attended the Wmd were able to deal with the protagonists of quality and internationalization with an eye focused on sustainability and the possibility of developing new commercial agreements”.