The 7 most powerful jutsus in the ranking – do you know them?

Naruto offers many jutsus in his ninja world that are powerful enough to wipe out enemies, but which ones are the most powerful? We looked at all the jutsus from Naruto: Classic and Shippuden and put the 7 strongest ones in a list. Do you know her?

What are these jutsus? Our ranking is about the most powerful jutsus that ever existed in Naruto: Classic and Shippuden. We do not differentiate between the individual types of jutsu here, but rather list the strongest ones, regardless of whether they are gen, tai or ninjutsu.

The ranking is carried out by our MeinMMO author Christos Tsogos, who is a long-time fan of the anime and has been following the story about Naruto since he was a child. If you have any comments or further suggestions for the ranking, please feel free to let us know in the comments.

SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t want to be spoiled, you shouldn’t read any further from here

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7. Edo Tensei – Rebirth from Dirty Earth

Familiar faces from Akatsuki

What kind of jutsu is this? Who doesn’t know the jutsu that made Orochimaru famous? The Second Hokagen’s technique “Rebirth from Dirty Earth” brings the dead back to life.

With this jutsu, users can pack any soul, if not already sealed by the god of the dead, into a shell. This shell then has a large supply of chakra and an immortal body, but is subject to the user and must obey.

A powerful jutsu that can cause a lot of damage, especially in the wrong hands. The best example is Kabuto’s undead army in the Fourth Ninja World War.

6. Jinton

The Jinton of Oonoki

What kind of jutsu is this? The Jinton is a Kekkei Touta. This talent allows the user to combine three elements to create transparent geometric shapes.

These can then break down everything and everyone into their molecular components and turn them into dust when they are touched or caught. The only ones who have this talent are Oonoki and Muu. Two Tsuchikage of Iwagakure.

A devastating technique that can instantly destroy an opponent if you can use it precisely. Unfortunately, the Jinton requires preparation time and a lot of chakra.

5. Izanagi

Madara loses his right eyesight due to Izanagi

What kind of jutsu is this? Izanagi is the jutsu of perfect illusion that can alter reality. The Uchiha clan possesses this powerful ability. It can be used to reverse injuries and even defy death, but the user pays a great price: their Sharigan’s eyesight.

When Sasuke and Danzou faced off, Danzou demonstrated the power of Izanagi by escaping all of Sasuke’s deadly attacks. Since the jutsu requires a great price, it is also forbidden in the Uchiha clan.

4. Izanami

Itachi loses his left eyesight due to Izanami

What kind of jutsu is this? Izanami is the counterpart of Izanagi. While Izanagi can change fate, Izanami asks the target to accept it. In the past, many Uchihas fought among themselves and abused the jutsu “Izanagi” in fights. To combat such members, Izanami was invented to teach those who abused Izanagi.

Izanami locks the target in an endless genjutsu that repeats on a continuous loop. The person caught in it always relives the same scene as long as he resists fate.

He can also be aware of the genjutsu, but he can only resolve it if the target accepts the fate prescribed by the user. In the fight between Sasuke and Itachi against Kabuto, Izanami was applied, leaving Kabuto in a state of paralysis.

This was the only way they could end the rebirth jutsu and force its dissolution. Anyone who uses Izanami loses their eyesight like Izanagi’s trap.

3. Indora no Ya

Sasuke charges his Indora no Ya

What kind of jutsu is this? Indora no Ya is Sasuke Uchiha’s strongest jutsu. To do this, Sasuke absorbs the chakra of all Bijuu with his Susanoo and converts it into Raiton chakra. He then uses this chakra to form a huge arrow and can fire it at his targets with his bow.

The jutsu was only used once by Sasuke when he fought Naruto in Naruto: Shippuden after winning the fight against Kaguya.

2. Rikudou: Chou Oodama Rasen Shuriken

Naruto prepares to counter Sasuke’s attack

What kind of jutsu is this? It is a mix of Bijuu Dama Rasen Shuriken and Fuuton: Chou Oodama Rasen Shuriken, which Naruto wields with his Chakra Bijuu form. Naruto confronted Sasuke when he unleashed his strongest jutsu. It is a powerful jutsu and requires a lot of chakra to be performed to this extent.

1. Mugen Tsukuyomi

Madara begins the endless tsukuyomi

What kind of jutsu is this? Mugen Tsukuyomi is the endless genjutsu that can captivate everything and everyone. Here the user projects their Rin’ne Sharigan onto the moon using the Juubi. Thus, every living being on the planet is brought into genjutsu by living in an optimal reality and not having to suffer.

Additionally, everyone affected is bound to the tree using the Shin: Jukai Koutan jutsu so that their chakra is absorbed to create a god fruit. The jutsu was one created by the Ootsutsukis to create god fruits and wipe out entire civilizations just to become even more powerful. Anyone who can perform this jutsu is invincible.

Which jutsus do you find powerful and have we not included one in the list but it definitely fits in the ranking? Let us find out in the comments!

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