The 6 essentials to flavor your vegetarian dishes

The 6 essentials to flavor your vegetarian dishes

More and more 100% vegetable products are now available and constitute a good alternative to products of animal origin.

Pasta, bread, raw vegetables, fruits, or even oilseeds: most of the foods we eat belong to the plant category.

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Vegan cooking helps maintain the taste of traditional meat dishes. Thanks to tofu or seitan, people who choose to forgo animal products can find the flavors of a Burgundian “beef”, a Parmentier mince, a dish of lasagna, the classic “ham and butter” sandwich or even from sauerkraut to sausages.

How to replace the sweetness of dairy products?

Without cream, cow’s milk or goat cheese, are you afraid of running out of smoothness and flavor? Whether with vegetable milks, various creams, whipped cream, margarines, yogurts and vegetable cheeses, a multitude of alternatives are available to you. In addition, soybeans, almonds, hazelnuts or even cereals effectively replace dairy products.

Vegetarian diet, towards a lack of iron?

Is the iron contained in plants sufficient to cover our needs, essential in the transport of oxygen in the blood and in the production of energy in the cells?

Many plant foods, such as legumes and certain leafy vegetables, such as spinach or lentils, are high in iron as well.

Be careful, however, in case of anemia, consider talking to your doctor about your diet.

Where to find good sources of protein?

There are still many sources of protein to compose your vegetarian dishes. Cereals, legumes and even oilseeds have a high protein content. Tofu, seitan and other imitation meat also contain it.

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