The 46 Ivorian soldiers expected in Abidjan after the Malian presidential pardon

The 46 Ivorian soldiers expected in Abidjan after the Malian

The 46 Ivorian soldiers sentenced, among other things, for attempting to undermine the external security of the State and imprisoned in Mali, will return home in the hours to come this Saturday, January 7 after the pardon granted yesterday by the President of the Malian transition, Colonel Assimi Goïta.

With our regional correspondent, Serge Daniel

Before landing in Abidjan, Ivorian soldiers pardoned by Assimi Goïta will pass through Lomé, indicates a Togolese diplomatic source. ” The President of Togo will officially hand them over to the Ivorian Minister of State for Defense who will return to Abidjan with them. “, she specifies.

Witnesses at the Bamako Gendarmerie camp where the soldiers are being held say the announcement of the presidential pardon was met with restrained joy. Then they had to put their stuff away. Their group leader, Lieutenant Kouassi Sanni Adam, who led the mission when these soldiers were arrested in July, ordered his men to remain dignified.

The other man of the day is the military adviser of the embassy of Côte d’Ivoire in Mali. It is he who coordinates with the Malian side the departure of the pardoned soldiers.

The 46 Ivorian soldiers told their lawyers that they had not been mistreated during their detention.

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