The $25 thousand Tesla (Model 2) will not be built on the new platform

Tesla announced its last quarter results 2023 total became clear

One of the biggest names in the electric car market Tesla, Today, he is on the agenda once again with his 25 thousand dollar vehicle. It is located.

Tesla Last week, it made a splash with a major layoff, and it was reported that the company, which has more than 140 thousand employees, would part ways with at least 14 thousand employees. Immediately after this, the long-awaited 25 thousand dollar model, possibly known as Model 2, was also on the agenda. Some news recently emerged that this vehicle was canceled, but Elon Musk denied them. So is Model 2 coming or has it been cancelled? Some sources stated that the project codenamed “NV9” had seen a major delay in light of recent developments, but said that the vehicle was not cancelled. The company, which recently announced its first quarter results, did not directly say Model 2, but officially confirmed that the affordable vehicle is definitely still on the table. Within the scope of this verification, unfortunately, the vehicle is not at all nearby. clarified. According to the official statement We will meet Model 2 only in the second half of 2025 or at the end of 2025. Sales of the vehicle will most likely start only in 2026. What brought the model to the agenda today were new claims. Accordingly, the company will not establish a new platform or production line for Model 2. Instead, a severely trimmed version of the Model 3 and Model Y will be introduced. In order to reduce costs, Tesla may make cuts in many areas, from interior trim to insulation, from the suspension system to the engine or battery. On this basis, it may not reach exactly 25 thousand dollars, that is, the vehicle may be in the 30 thousand or 35 thousand dollar range.


The company last week Tesla Model Y LR RWD It came to the fore with its model. Revealed with the post at the bottom of the page Model Y LR RWD, According to the company’s official data 19-inch Gemini wheels together with 600 km of WLTP data owner. at the top 217km/h This single-engine Model Y, which is said to be able to accelerate 14.9 kWh/100 km It has data and is highlighted as the best in its class in this regard. Your vehicle is currently only Austria, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, Romania And HungaryIt is reported that it can be purchased at.