The 2023 winter sales start this Wednesday, January 11. The opportunity, as always, to make good deals, especially in high-tech. Provided you spot the real promotions and react quickly! Here is a selection of the first offers available with bonus promo codes for even lower prices.

The 2023 winter sales start this Wednesday January 11 The

The 2023 winter sales start this Wednesday, January 11. The opportunity, as always, to make good deals, especially in high-tech. Provided you spot the real promotions and react quickly! Here is a selection of the first offers available with bonus promo codes for even lower prices.

Here we go again for the winter sales, like every year in January! After a rowdy but disappointing Black Friday 2022 and the inevitable end-of-year celebrations, promotions will multiply for several weeks in all areas, including high-tech. As always, merchants will compete with great blows of reductions to attract customers, liquidate their stocks and increase their turnover. For consumers, this will be an opportunity to take advantage of wiser prices to buy all kinds of products at a lower cost. Provided, however, that you compare the prices well – between the shops but also with the prices displayed before the operation – and not to hang around, because the real bargains disappear very quickly from the stalls. Some online merchants do not hesitate to put forward on their site products at shattered prices when they are only available in very limited quantities. A well-known knock-down technique, which encourages people to buy sometimes without thinking… It is therefore better not to hang around, especially since, despite the ambient gloom – general inflation slows down purchases of pleasure… – and the new law which regulates the practices sales and the prices displayed, there are very good deals to be had, especially on high-tech products.

What are the dates of the 2023 winter sales?

In France, the sales are strictly regulated by law, in particular for their dates and their duration, which are fixed at the national level. Thus, the 2023 winter sales start this Wednesday, January 11, at 8 a.m., for four weeks – compared to six previously –, i.e. until Tuesday, February 7 at midnight in most French departments and territories. Note that certain departments such as the Vosges and the Moselle as well as the overseas territories are subject to staggered dates. The additional markdowns, which in principle correspond to the time when the best deals can be made, generally take place during the second and third week of the sales – but each merchant is free to start them whenever he wishes. They should therefore take place on Wednesday January 18 and then on January 25.

Winter sales 2023: stricter rules to protect consumers

Of course, all the big brands have sales, sometimes associating “good deals”, “flash sales” and other promotions that can sow confusion. Merchant sites are actively participating in this widespread clearance sale, practicing on practically all their departments, particularly in high-tech. We should also point out that the sales also sometimes apply to refurbished products, which allows you to make great savings, as we have seen in previous editions.

However, the 2023 winter sales take place in a very specific context. First, they come after three special years, marked by the Covid pandemic which has led to changes in behavior with confinements and health measures. Then, between the promotions and special operations which are now multiplying throughout the year, the sales are much less attractive than in the past. Especially since many consumers are wondering about the incentives for overconsumption and impulse buying, by favoring eco-responsible acts and durable goods. In addition, with concerns about the international situation, inflation galloping since the beginning of 2022 and purchasing power which is declining as a result, the mood is not buying fever, especially after spending on gifts. Christmas… Not to mention that the shortage of electronic components that has marked the last few years – even if it is tending to be reduced – has seriously limited the “natural” erosion of the prices of high-tech products, which tend to stagnate when they are do not increase.

It is above all the general climate that risks changing the situation in this very particular period. Thus, the last Black Friday did not have the expected success despite the uproar of traders who communicated even more than usual on the operation. Tired of this excess or worry about the economic situation? Still, the question will come up again during the winter sales. Some will perhaps not want to equip themselves before possible price increases in the coming months, while others will prefer to reserve their savings for other purposes. Especially since many increases have already been announced or applied in 2023, whether for fuel, electricity, gas, transport, streaming video services, mobile phone plans or Internet subscriptions…

In addition, a small “detail” recently changed the situation. Since May 28, 2022, new regulations have governed merchant practices, in particular for displayed prices, which must no longer refer to inflated and fictitious crossed-out prices (see our article). As consumer associations such as UFC-Que Choisir have already denounced on several occasions, some merchants did not hesitate to raise their prices a few days or weeks before the sales by aligning them with a “list price” or a “recommended price” which is never practiced, so as to display an artificially greater discount. This misleading practice is now strictly prohibited, and that’s good!

Remember that the sales can only apply to products already on sale before the operation, and not to items that have arrived especially for the occasion. In addition, and contrary to popular belief, devices on sale benefit from the same guarantees as the others. As such, they can be repaired in the event of a breakdown but also be returned during the withdrawal period if they were purchased remotely, in particular on online sales sites, without having to provide any explanation (see our fact sheet on the right of withdrawal). Details that count on high-tech products…

Which brands are participating in the 2023 winter sales?

Of course, all the major specialists in the online sale of high-tech products take part in the sales, from Amazon to Rakuten, through Fanc-Darty, Cdiscount, Boulanger, Rue du commerce, LDLC or Electro Depot, not to mention all other brands and chains, including hypermarkets. Here are links to directly access the presentation pages of their promotions.

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Some merchants offer coupon codes to further reduce prices or fund future purchases. Thus, by registering for free at Club R on Rakuten, you get 10% back in Rakuten Points for your next purchase. Coupons of €7/49 and €15/99 are also available this Wednesday, January 11 until 11:59 p.m. Fnac also offers promo codes until Sunday, January 15 at 11:59 p.m. on Apple devices (excluding iPad), TV, Urban Mobility and PEM (excluding Roborock, Dyson and certain appliance brands):

  • 15 € from 150 € of purchase with the code FEVE15
  • 40 € from 400 € of purchase with the code FEVE40
  • 70 € from 700 € of purchase with the code FEVE70

Winter sales 2023: good high-tech plans

As with every major commercial operation, we have selected a few offers that seem really interesting to us in view of the characteristics and prices usually charged. This selection will evolve over the days and promotions: do not hesitate to come back and consult it regularly to discover new markdowns. And don’t delay in making a decision if a product interests you, because stocks are limited and the real bargains disappear very quickly!

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