That’s why you recognize Robin Nevelin in Bachelorette Sweden

“Bachelorette Sweden” is finally starting a new season. A bunch of guys have made it to Mexico to try to win this year’s Bachelorette Sonja Livbom, and in the premiere episode we see how they walk the red carpet to make their first impression.

That with mixed results. One arrives on horseback in a pair of trousers that burst when he jumped onto the horse’s back, and one who had planned to get down on his knees right away – but instead gets a tongue-lashing.

Football player Robin Nevelin instead tries to charm Sonja with music. He has a guitar with him and sings a self-written song. The atmosphere? A bit stiff.

– At first I was incredibly uncomfortable, says Sonja.

But once Robin has finished singing, the reaction is different.

– So wow, are you kidding me? You are so talented, says Sonja.

Seen in both Idol and Sweden’s master chef

But it’s not the first time we’ve seen Robin speak on television. In 2022, it was instead the idol jury that had to listen to Robin sing a self-written song. He charmed them during his audition and progressed to the solo song.

But in the last moment during the final audition, he had to leave Idol, just before the live qualifying week.

September 7, 2022

Robin Nevelin sings self-written song for the Idol Jury (audition 2022)

A couple of months later, we saw him cooking in “Sweden’s Master Chef” 2023. Robin’s audition was never shown in the program, even though he made it through. It was only later in the program, when they summed up who had progressed, that he got TV time.

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