That’s why you recognize Lucas Sjöberg in Bachelorette 2024

Thats why you recognize Lucas Sjoberg in Bachelorette 2024

The Bachelorette is back with another resounding season there Sonja Livbom going to date a bunch of guys looking for the love of her life.

The program is led by the new presenter Edvin Törnblom which promises an exciting season filled with love and drama.

Already the first episode is heating up and according to Edvin it will be a common thread during the course of the program.

Sonja Livbom is this year’s Bachelorette. Image source: TV4

– It feels great fun to lead the new season of Bachelorette Sweden. It is a group of strong characters that the viewers will get to follow and an absolutely fantastic girl who is looking for the love of her life. Without revealing too much, I can promise romantic dates, tough decisions and dramatic rose ceremonies. There will simply be a lot of drama! Edvin said in a press release.

The guys who will date Sonja are:

Lucas SjöbergNurse and PT, 31 years old, Täby

Valentin KronlundSystem developer, 29 years old, Gustavsberg

Joel PlanåsGrain farmer, 29 years old, Strängnäs

William Palm LeafSite manager, 28 years old, Gustavsberg

Joar LavoldSurf instructor, 34 years old, Stockholm

Robin NevelinSoccer player, 25 years old, Ystad

Emil JohanssonCar salesman, 30 years old, Stockholm

Amir IbrahimBarber, 28 years old, Linköping

Christopher SteinBroker, 30 years old, Stockholm

Ian FerraraPT, 25 years old, Helsingborg

Renzo PintoProduction developer, 27 years old, Gothenburg

Anton MyhrvoldProfessional skateboarder, 33 years old, Stockholm

Mathias JonssonSelf-employed, 29 years old, Tullinge

Daniel ThorpeFreelancer, 36 years old, Rygge, Norway

Alieu DamphaCar mechanic, 26 years old, Gothenburg

Patrik KronströmElectrical mechanic, 34 years old, Eskilstuna

Osama AlrahhalEngineering student, 24 years old, Linköping

Taylor NordekeRecruiter, 29 years old, Gothenburg

Alfred ÖdlingProduct developer, 29 years old, Vännäs

That’s why you recognize Lucas in The Bachelorette

Many who have seen the first episode of Bachelorette 2024 have reacted that it is a very familiar face. Namely the nurse and personal trainer Lucas Sjöberg.

Lucas is looking for love in Bachelorette 2024. Image source: TV4

It is the case that Lucas has a TikTok account with over 53,000 followers where, among other things, he received several viral videos during the corona pandemic.

As he is not only a nurse but a personal trainer, he also offers tips and tricks regarding training, health and nutrition.