That’s why you get withholding tax – the expert’s answer: “Important to…”

Thats why you get withholding tax the experts answer

When spring comes, the declaration also arrives as a letter in the post. The declaration can either come as an extra clink in the cash register or as a real poo sandwich.

Getting back taxes is never fun, but there are tricks to get around it. News24 have talked to Alem Resulovicsection manager at the Swedish Tax Agency, who explains why you receive back taxes.

This applies if you receive back taxes

If you have received back taxes, you have 90 days to pay the amount into your tax account. It is counted from when you received your final tax statement.

– You can choose to pay the tax before the due date. The advantage is that you will finish your declaration and you can also avoid having to pay cost interest on the tax, says Alem Resulovic to Nyheter24.

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You have 90 days to pay the back tax. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TTThat’s why you get withholding tax

The fact that you receive tax in arrears means that your employer or pension payer has made a tax deduction that is too low. But it can also be due to several other reasons.

Alem Resulovic says that the most common reasons are:

  • you have more than one employer,

  • you have more than one payer of, for example, a pension or other benefits,

  • you own properties for which you must pay property tax or property tax.

  • – If you are one of those who regularly receive back taxes and do not want it, you can ask your employer or pension payer to deduct more tax, says Alem Resulovic.

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